Dream interpretation

What do rails mean in a dream and how to interpret the meaning according to the dream book


Rails - one of the main signs of modern civilization. It is the presence of extensive rail tracks was an important step, making possible the industrial progress of the modern world. Land rail transport is essential for industry. Rails in a dream means the beaten path to wealth, development, improvement, success. Consider what dreams rails dreamy.

Basic Values

  • The general meaning that a railroad and rails have in a dream is a road, a way of life, an inspection of a long-term perspective.
  • Rail rails in a dream - a sign of the rolled road, the right and reliable way. If you go on rails - this is a good sign. You know the right direction and move. Such a dream is especially good for starting a career when you are not forced to rush too much and choose the fastest ways to travel, often to the detriment of your own comfort.
  • Slowly moving along the path next to the railway embankment means that you absolutely do not care about everyday success. Otherwise, you would try to move along the tracks.
  • Find a handcar - you have found a good way to speed up your progress. There is a certain shade of anxiety, because a trip on a trolley is not at all like a train ride or a leisurely walk along the tracks. Rather, you have found some technical access hole in the system that will allow you to move along the tracks of your life and career at your own discretion.
  • To see the railroad rails in a dream from the window of your house is to regret the missed opportunities. It would seem that a brilliant career was very close. Do not despair. Rails in a dream - just a hint that you will be able to find your way.
  • Watch the railway crossing, the marshalling yard with many paths, the shooter - you watch life in general with interest, staying on the sidelines. Perhaps you are thinking about a career as a writer, director, or other engineer of human souls. Suspended observation gives you more pleasure than direct participation.
  • To cross a railroad not by moving means to neglect public opinion, to search for your own ways, rejecting ready-made reliable solutions. You are confident and believe that you know what you are doing, you are ready for difficulties. The problem is that ready-made solutions that could help if you moved along the beaten path become an obstacle when laying a new road. You must be very sure of the purpose of the path. Otherwise, all your efforts are meaningless.
  • Seeing the uncoupled car, which is on the way or even at an impasse, foreshadows potential problems.
  • Warnings and alarms include destroyed railway bridges, dead ends, and a submerged path. If you dream that you mine ways, install explosives - it looks like you are ready to do a lot to spoil business to competitors. It is better to temper the ardor and leave too bold plans for serials and criminal reports. An intelligent person will be able to find the right way without nerve tricks.
  • Tram rails mean close routes, limited opportunities. To see the tram rails in a dream, walking on the tram rails means stiffness, the impossibility of moving towards a dream, irritation, despair. If you do not see a way out at the moment, it may be worth looking more closely. Chance is not located around every corner and will not wait until you pay your attention to it. As with the trams, you should just wait for the next suitable chance for success and take advantage of it.
  • Underground, underground rail road means secrets, secret affairs, secrecy.
  • A monorail in a dream means that with your soul you are directed to the future and you would like to engage in a reliable, guaranteed successful, but at the same time promising and innovative business. Pay enough attention to the calculations, or seek state subsidies. At the moment, all monorails are unprofitable and exist at the expense of the budget.
  • Beat the rail - anxiety, awakening, strong excitement.

Interpretations of authorities

  • Freud's dream interpretation considers rails in a dream as a sign of boring mechanistic sex. Everything is known in advance and does not give much pleasure.
  • A female dream book considers rails to be a sign of a speedy marriage, and then an established life. If the path is smooth, the path glitters, the sleepers are laid neatly - you are quite satisfied with this perspective. Overgrown gauge, failures, broken sleepers mean that you do not consider the rolled path promising and do not intend to use the railway.
  • Dream Interpretation Longo believes that the rails in a dream mean a firm position in life, perseverance, perseverance.
  • Dream Miller warns that when driving on a well-groomed rut, you will have many rivals. At the same time to overtake those who embarked on the railway line earlier, it can be difficult. It is important to remember that fast trains others must give way. For young girls, a railroad in a dream foreshadows a fascinating journey.


To dream of rails means to evaluate your prospects on the road to success as completely reliable. The overall meaning of sleep is absolutely favorable, you know what you are striving for and will undoubtedly achieve what you want. Your path may not be too hasty, but you know your destination for sure. The only thing I would like to wish for is some originality, new interesting ideas, additional useful solutions, if you want to secure a competitive advantage.