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Star Totem Animal - Historical Roots of Totemism


What is a totem animal? In ancient times, our ancestors noticed an invisible energetic connection between man and animal. Thus arose the cult of totemism. It is believed that every person is protected by a certain type of animal that protects and protects it from evil. How to determine the totem animal on the sign of the zodiac and date of birth? Is it possible to establish a connection and call your patron spirit? Consider the issue in the article.

The historical roots of totemism

The totem is a symbol of the animal, depicted on any material carrier. Ancient people believed that the strength and courage of an animal could help them cope with life. Totemism is the very first religion in the world. People chose their patron from the animal world, dedicated rituals to him, paid homage and asked for protection. Indeed, each animal differs from a person in a set of qualities that are superior to humans:

  • the eagle has a keen eye;
  • the lynx has the ability to move silently;
  • the bear is endowed with incredible strength;
  • fearless wolf no one.

The animal world has more developed organs of perception, inaccessible to man. The animals perfectly see in the dark, they can feel the approach of an earthquake, their scent is much greater than the human scent. Therefore, the ancient people sought to learn from animals of their abilities and sincerely believed that the spirit of the animal can protect them from the vicissitudes of fate.

The totem animal symbolizes a force that man himself does not possess. Shamans call him the animal of power.

In modern understanding, totemism has acquired new forms, and now the animal patron can be identified by the sign of the zodiac and the date of birth.

Totem animal zodiac sign

Determining your totem by zodiac sign is very simple. To do this, refer to the following table:

Aries patronizes the bull. It is this animal that reflects the essence of stubborn, hot-tempered and agitated representatives of this sign.

Taurus protects the bear. This strong animal best characterizes the qualities of Taurus - justice, rationality, strength, protection of its hearth and tranquility.

Twins patronize two animals - a wolf and a mouse-vole. Both are inherent loyalty to their half. The vole mouse symbolizes the economy and well-being.

Cancer patronize snake and beaver. Both animals are distinguished by their patience, the ability to wait and adapt to new conditions of life.

Lions patronize lions and crows. Both totems are distinguished by wisdom, endurance, calm and self-esteem. Also, these animals belong to the class of predators, which is present in human qualities under the sign of Leo.

The virgins protects the dog. Born under the sign of Virgo inherent loyalty and loyalty, the ability to feel the thoughts and moods of people, the desire to come to the rescue in difficult times.

Libra patronize the wolf and the bee. These animals share a sense of unity - they exist in the pack. Libra, too, is best felt with the support of others.

Scorpions patronized by a cat. This cunning, intelligent and independent animal is best suited to the qualities of people under the sign of Scorpio.

Strelets patronizes the elk. It is a symbol of wisdom, patronage and authority over the situation. The second totem animal is an owl, which also symbolizes wisdom.

Capricorn patronizes the antelope and the fox. These animals are distinguished by caution, cunning and vigor, which is fully consistent with the qualities of Capricorns.

Aquarius patronizes the horse, which is a symbol of help and friendship. The horse has been an indispensable helper of man since ancient times, which fully corresponds to the qualities of the Aquarius to help others.

Pisces protects the snail. These obscure animals are absolutely harmless, which is fully consistent with the character of Pisces. Friendliness and calm calmness are the distinguishing features of the representatives of this Sign and the totem patron.

How to cause a totem animal

After determining your totem you need to establish a connection with it. Meditation can help. Many are familiar with meditations and know how to conduct them correctly. The best time for meditation is that period of day or night, when no one can disturb you. Next you need to follow the meditation plan:

  1. Imagine a hollow in a tree or the entrance to a cave through which you can get to a flowering meadow.
  2. Look around - what do you see? After a while, an animal that is your patron will come to you.
  3. Talk to him, identify his distinctive qualities - these are signs of your magical power.
  4. Thank the animal and say goodbye to him.
  5. Return to reality the same way you left it - find a hollow or exit from a cave.
  6. Take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.

What should happen after that? You will surely receive a sign that the animal of strength has begun to help you in life. Buy a statuette of an animal and place it in your room. You can print a picture, laminate and hang it on the wall. If you can cut wood, cut the figurine with your own hands and varnish it. You can also mold an animal out of clay and burn it.

In the table you can find your totem animal by year of birth: