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55th anniversary of living together: traditions and gifts


Once married, people can live a long life together or run apart after a few months. Those who live together for a long time after the wedding, celebrate each anniversary of the wedding day. Some lucky, they can live together for 55 years and celebrate the emerald wedding. My grandparents are among the lucky ones. I want to tell you how to celebrate this day correctly and what gifts it is appropriate to give.

A bit of history

Emerald wedding - a refined and stately celebration. To meet such a couple that could carry their love more than half a century, it happens very rarely. Therefore, the wedding is named after this precious stone.

The name of the 55th anniversary was given by an amazing mineral, which fascinates with its brilliance and color depth. The nobility and majesty, richness and purity are inherent in the shade of emerald. The stone is as if filled with the sun, and therefore it is considered special by the people.

Emerald green color means wisdom and hope. This color symbolizes sincerity, appeal to nature. In the old days they believed that this stone brings good luck, happiness and peace to the house. Also attributed to him magical properties. It is believed that emerald helps improve vision and memory.

But only pure in heart people who do not lie and do not fake can use emerald for magical purposes. In a couple who has lived together for 55 years, there is no place for deception, secrets and secrets. They know each other very well, so this stone symbolizes the 55th anniversary of living together.

Emerald Wedding Celebration Traditions

Each celebration has its own customs and traditions. As a rule, the organization of the 55th anniversary of living together falls on the shoulders of descendants - children or even grandchildren, because the heroes of the occasion themselves can no longer deal with this matter because of their age. In addition, having lived in peace and love for so many years, spouses can already "rest on their laurels" and enjoy the care of younger family members.

Room and menu decoration

The main thing is to properly arrange the room where the holiday will take place. The main color of the decor is emerald green. However, you can not overdo it with this color scheme. Put green glasses on the table, put napkins with a pattern of this color. You can also decorate chairs or walls with textiles.

As a food it is better to serve nutritious, but not especially refined food. The main thing is that the menu contains dishes loved by happy spouses. At this age, it is no longer necessary to indulge in gluttony, so try to make food like the hero of the occasion, but not harm them.

55 years from the date of the wedding is a reason to feel like newlyweds again. A cake, appropriately decorated, will be a wonderful dessert for a holiday. You can also order cookies with emerald glaze and wishes of happiness and long life.

Spouses clothes

On any holiday, his perpetrators should pay attention to the clothes. Emerald wedding is a special day on which spouses should look accordingly.

A wife should wear an emerald dress or trim in that color. Of course, emerald jewelry will be most welcome. If there are none, you can use jewelry with stones or accessories of the corresponding color.

Weddings for brides should have wedding bouquets. Of course, 55 years ago they were distinguished by simplicity. But on the day of the emerald anniversary, the spouse can take with her a bouquet of colors contrasting to the dress. It will look great white or amber shades. Emerald leaf color will only add to the composition of the charm.

The spouse should also use elements of emerald hue in the costume. This may be a tie or boutonniere. However, if the "newlyweds" with fairly democratic views, then you can wear an emerald shirt or even a jacket.

Men may also have jewelry. This cufflinks, ring or clip for a tie. Of course, they should have emerald inserts.

Celebration script

The script of celebration should choose "newlyweds". Of course, the organizers can also find celebration options, but the final decision is made for the spouses.

You can arrange a noisy celebration with a mass of relatives and friends, inviting them to a restaurant. But in old age, noisy parties are already quite tiresome. Therefore, spouses are more likely to prefer a modest home holiday in close circle of children and their families. To make the celebration more fun, you should invite a toastmaster.

What to gift

Emerald wedding is a very important day in the life of the family, therefore, special attention should be paid to the choice of a gift. Each guest, if any, chooses the number and value of the gifts. However, you must first take into account the preferences of the couple.

As a rule, give jewelry or decor, inlaid with emeralds. But the main thing is the pair of gifts. If the jewelry is presented to the wife, then the products for the husband should be made in the same style. You can order an engraving with warm wishes or a wedding date.

BTW! Products decorated with such a precious stone as emerald, presented on the day of the 55th anniversary of the wedding eventually become heirlooms handed down from generation to generation.

You can give and ordinary things that are useful in the economy. It can be:

  • bedding set;
  • sets of dishes;
  • sets;
  • home decor;
  • textiles - carpets, bedspreads, decorative pillows.

A large number of options, most importantly, in the gifts present symbol of the celebration - the emerald color. Textiles can be decorated with embroidery with the date of the wedding or the initials of the spouses. Discuss gift options with guests in advance so that there are no repetitions.

You can also give expensive gifts, for example, household appliances. But nevertheless, spouses who have lived together for 55 years already understand that the most important thing is not the cost of gifts, but their sincerity. At this age, understanding, love and care of children and grandchildren are very important, so do not forget about the kind words for jubilees.

Very relevant will be souvenirs made by hand. Over the years spent together, a lot of pictures have accumulated. Therefore, gifts with images of the family will be relevant:

  • tea set, where each mug depicts one of the family members;
  • a panel with a lot of pictures that reflect the happy moments in the life of a couple;
  • video from pictures or videos. If there are none, you can simply remove the congratulations from children and grandchildren.

Similar gifts, as well as jewels, will be kept in the family for generations. After all, they symbolize its strength, friendship and strength of relations.


Based on the above, I want to summarize: