Dream interpretation

What do the fishes in dreams mean and how to find the correct meaning of the interpretation of sleep


Fishes in a dream is a rather amusing sign. Multi-colored funny fish in an aquarium or in the sea, watching which is a pleasure, can scare almost any unmarried girl to a pulpit if she sees them in a dream. The reason is simple - the girls firmly believe that the fish dream about pregnancy. Consider in detail what dreams of fish for dream books.

Basic Values

The main importance of fish in a dream, especially bright and beautiful - attractiveness, ease of communication, new easy dating, in which you feel like a fish in water. You get a fantastic opportunity to choose and are not too limited in time. Enjoy the process, take your time.

  • A flock of colorful fish means news. As a rule, good and curious news.
  • Watching a marine aquarium with logging, coral, shrimp and algae - learn the art of building a happy life, learn good and relaxed manners. It is really strange that ease is worth a great deal of work and tremendous effort, but this is true. A marine aquarium seems so natural, but it requires a lot of effort and money to keep it in order.
  • See the seahorse - to the gift, joyful news.
  • Shrimps - girlfriends who are not averse to rummaging in your wardrobe and, maybe, begging for something, will visit you.
  • Soma - you are tired of the care of relatives, from their care only extra trouble. Although it is clear that this can not be done without, and rather pleasant.
  • Piranhas are a false danger. That which seems intimidating, itself fears you to faint. A flock of piranhas - juvenile bandits call you to their team, you are thinking over this proposal.
  • Decorative crayfish - some things are best kept secret. Talk about trivia, do not rush to reveal the soul. Crabs - you collect other people's stories and memories, creating your own legend.
  • Guppies in an aquarium - a lot of funny trivia, pleasant chatter that you need to be able to stop. The voracity of the fish reminds us that time is an irreplaceable resource.
  • Catching fishes in the aquarium with your palm is doing silly things that can affect your career. Perhaps you believed in your uniqueness that you caught luck by the tail and now you can do whatever you want. On the one hand, it is, on the other - you need to know the measure. Remember the tale of a goldfish and do not repeat obvious mistakes.
  • Dead fish in the aquarium - to grief, illness, grief. It is especially bad if mold or rot has grown around the fins of dead fish.
  • As for pregnancy, it comes not from the contemplation of the fish in a dream. About sexual desires, passions and dangerous sex talk water snakes and large predatory fish in a dream. Such a dream warns that you can lose your head from sensual passions and put yourself in danger, including the danger of unwanted pregnancy. Be wary of this condition and be careful in choosing a partner. If a person is not ready to take care of you and is capable of putting a serious danger for his own moment of pleasure, the price is worthless.

Interpretations of authorities

  • Dream Vanga promises a quick and happy marriage for young girls. Fish in a dream means good news, a good choice of dating, complete well-being with a small fraction of levity. Wanga also recommends learning not only to attract gentlemen, but also to shy away from embraces or too close friendship.
  • Dream Miller assures that coquetry will not bring to the good and that serious issues need a serious approach. Miller warns girls against rash acts and advises not to rush to the choice.
  • Freud's dream interpretation treats fish and watching fish in a dream, as the awakening of femininity and natural desires. Be careful, not everything that seems to you a harmless and fun game will be perceived as a game.
  • Dream interpretation of Medea claims that fish in a dream means fun, excellent company and a huge share of luck.


To dream of fish is a very good dream. For young girls, he promises a rich choice of gentlemen and a pleasant company of girlfriends. The main thing is not to make hasty decisions and not to rush ahead of time into the maelstrom of passion. If a fish in a dream sees a mature woman, it means that you are amazingly young with your soul.

Waiting for you a series of luck. If you wanted to achieve something on the career ladder - it's time to act. Flirt, fascinate, as if you are 14, but do not forget about your professional experience and solid baggage of knowledge. For men, the fish will bring good news.