Dream interpretation

What dreams of the mirror of the dream book


To find out what the mirror dreams about, read the article - in it you will find interpretations of popular dream books. I use them myself, and the forecasts almost always come true. Try it and you will find out what fate has prepared for you in the near future.

Psychological dream book

The interpretations of this dream book are always associated with events that have already happened to you. They point to the relationship of past actions with the future dreamer.

Here are the predictions:

  1. Look in the mirror in a dream - in your life there will come a difficult period, full of heavy emotional experiences and conflicts with people. You may have to experience the full range of negative feelings.
  2. Seeing in the reflection of another person - you should be careful. A person from the inner circle will act unfairly towards you, so you need to predict his actions so that you do not have to seriously suffer.
  3. A broken mirror is a very unpleasant sign that promises the death of someone you know. This may be a relative or close friend who has been seriously ill for a long time, but he hides his illness from everyone.
  4. Girls mirror dreams as a caution. You should not trust your friends, because among them there is a traitor who wants to harm you. Carefully choose those you enter into your close circle.
  5. See in the reflection of a loved one in not very good condition - your relationship will soon end parting. If a wedding was appointed, the celebration will have to be canceled.
  6. If the lover in the reflection looked fine, then the case will end with only minor differences, which will quickly turn out to be resolved and preserve the relationship thanks to this.
  7. A normal, unremarkable mirror is a sign that you will be deceived. This is a subconscious warning: you should be careful in everything and avoid any rash decisions and actions.


The most famous soothsayer also gave his predictions about dreams.

Here are his interpretations:

  1. A mirror is a symbol of some secret or hidden meaning of familiar things. If you saw your reflection, then the secret will become apparent. Soon you will receive news that will surprise you very much.
  2. If you broke the mirror surface, then a loved one will be a traitor. His offense will not only upset you, but can bring you to real depression.
  3. See the monster in the reflection - you are empty and need to rest, because the energy level is almost zero. But this is the result of your own actions and actions. You should be more sincere and friendly towards other people.
  4. A huge mirror with a very muddy surface - you will suffer from slander, being caught up in other people's intrigues. And the worse it turns out to see their reflection, the more problems will have to be solved in the future.
  5. Guessing in the mirror is a reflection of the doubts and inner experiences of the dreamer. All his troubles are from the inability to make his own decisions. He should stop following someone else's opinion, and form his own.

Freight's Dream Interpretation

The basis of the predictions of this dream book is Freud's opinion that in every dream there are hidden subconscious signals related to the dreamer's sexuality and his intimate life.

The mirror in his view is a display of the dreamer's hidden fantasies and desires, in which he can not admit even to himself. Also, such a dream may indicate narcissism.

Here are his interpretations:

  1. To see a mirror in a dream - you love to dream and dream about bold sexual experiments that you never decide to try in real life. You should overcome this fear and feel free to try new things.
  2. Dirty and dull reflection is a sign of dissatisfaction with a partner. Intimate life has ceased to suit you, and this problem must be solved as soon as possible in order to avoid betrayal and betrayal.
  3. Wash or wipe the mirror - a symbol of sexual contact. Perhaps a long period of abstinence will soon end, and you will again be able to experience sensual pleasure with a partner.
  4. A broken mirror is an unfavorable sign that speaks of unfulfilled dreams. Your expectations are not met, so you should think about whether you follow your desires. Perhaps you just chose the wrong path.
  5. Inverted mirror - a symbol of the fears that you manifest in sexual life. To correctly decipher such a dream, you need to remember what you saw in the reflection, then the picture will become clearer.

Dream Vanga

The diviner believed that a dream in which a person stares at her reflection for a long time is a sign that you are too dependent on the opinions of people around you. Because of this, often sacrifice their own desires and interests. It is necessary to stop trying to please everyone and think, and what do you really want?

Looking in the mirror, but not seeing your own reflection - you are in the grip of feelings that you cannot control. To solve this problem, it is necessary to turn to God with prayers. Otherwise, you will find an incredibly hard life.

Broken mirror - to great suffering and real grief. In your life will come a black stripe, and it will take a lot of strength to pass all the tests prepared by fate.

Guessing in front of the mirror - you look boldly into the future and often think about it, but at the same time forget about the present. Try to learn to dwell in the moment "here and now", achieve your goals, not focusing on the final result.