Dream interpretation

Rotten meat in a dream - that is predicted by famous dream books


Hardcore meat eaters will always determine the freshness of their favorite product and prevent their future steak from being stuffed. Especially since it can lead to serious poisoning. What dreams of rotten meat, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

Rotten meat in a dream embodies some difficulties, health problems, barriers to career growth. For women, such a vision may portend discord and controversy in the family. Conflicts with households can be triggered by you or someone close to you.

A business man dreamed of eating beef with a smell on the eve of important negotiations - you need to be prepared for the fact that your transaction will not take place. The reason for this will be your doubts about its benefits and prospects. It is necessary to carefully calculate everything, and the decision of financial issues to postpone for a more favorable period.

A young man has a shashlyk of dubious origin in an unfamiliar place - to fall under the influence of a company of adolescents who have dangerous views and aspirations. Their carefree and fun life can attract you at first glance, but then it will be hard to avoid the serious consequences of harmful communication.

What else to expect from rotten meat in a dream

  • raw rotten in an old barn - your accumulated problems require urgent solutions;
  • in the hospital to see the decaying wound of the patient - open your eyes to the cruel reality of this world. You will want to help the needy more, to provide financial assistance to the incapacitated, to supervise the abandoned and disadvantaged;
  • to see a deep, rotting cut on yourself - to hear from loved ones, which will have a strong emotional shock;
  • to chew beef with a scent, knowing that it is spoiled - it is difficult to try to get rid of bad habits that negatively affect the general condition of the body;
  • cut a dull meat with a blunt knife - to a protracted process of solving a complex problem. Cut the pieces with a sharp ax - to get rid of tedious tasks quickly;
  • throwing away gravel to homeless dogs in a dream — finding a compromise in a seemingly dead-end business.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

A man dreamed of enjoying a piece of roast pork in a dream - a sign that you are completely satisfied with your male prosperity and usefulness. You will not be difficult to seduce any beauty bewitching. Self-confidence also adds a high temperament. Such men women dream to drag into bed. But cute persons of the weaker sex are considered not only as a lover, but also as the father of future children. Consider whether you are ready for the heirs.

But if the meat turned out to be rotten in a dream, we can expect problems with erection or general sexual impotence. In these moments, it is better to refrain from sexual intercourse and engage in recovery. To feel the disgusting smell, but not to taste the dish is to avoid the dubious intimate contact that would cause you many health problems.

Throwing a piece of pork, feeling a disgusting smell - to suppress carnal desires. You are able to foresee the danger and in time hide your agitation, avoiding consequences.

A woman dreamed of a man who eats rotten meat - such a vision warns against meeting a fan who has a tendency to promiscuous sex. Do not fall for flattering compliments and banal confessions. The caretaker has a single goal - to get you into bed.

Gustov Miller

To be in the meat line, where you feel a heart-rending smell of rot - a dream warns of disappointment in the close circle of those whom you considered to be your companions or colleagues. It will become obvious to you that each of them pursues his own personal mercantile interests, and is not obsessed with the general idea of ​​successful business development.

Try a rotten piece of fried beef - to sudden illness and general ailment. That period, when due to mild cold, you can transfer the complication, having spent a lot of effort, time and financial resources. It will be possible to avoid this if one does not neglect the elementary measures of prevention and protection against seasonal diseases.

Evgeny Tsvetkov

Rotten meat with flies circling around is a bad sign. This foreshadows a deterioration in the status quo. In many ways, this vision points to its own mistakes and failures. Finding yourself in a slaughterhouse, where everything is saturated with blood and a pernicious odor - feel the negative consequences of your own mindless decisions.

Treating someone with home-made kebabs, but worrying about their taste qualities means that in reality you are too concerned about someone else's opinion. You are afraid of a negative reaction to your words, deeds, appearance. But it is necessary to relax, others also care about their own behavior, not yours.

Yuri Longo

Steal meat in a dream - to the unexpected material wealth. If the pork or beef turned out to be rotten - not to avoid losses and additional, unplanned expenses.

For dinner with a family, there is an unroasted steak with a dubious smell - expect disorder and clarify relations with relatives. The reason for this may be issues of money or inheritance.

Buy rotten chicken in the market - a dream warns of the danger of being deceived by scammers, pickpockets or petty thieves. Avoid public places and travel in public transport during this period.