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How to meet the love of all life and save feelings


Our world is based on love and rests on love, although they say that beauty will save the world. But how to find love, and where to find it? This question is asked by many people, because not everyone succeeds in finding happiness in a relationship.

I will tell you a secret: love cannot be found, it can only be found on your way in life. It happened in my life when I asked for fate, so that my ways would not diverge from my husband. The answer from the universe came very quickly, literally in a couple of months a fateful meeting took place. But finding or meeting love is not enough - you need to be able to hold it.

Love and sexual attraction

Why do people search for love as if it is a rare flower or an exotic fruit? Love can not be found, because it does not live somewhere in a particular place. Love lives in the heart of man, so it can only be met. This meeting can be both fleeting and romantic - but you will definitely highlight it among many other meetings. This meeting may also be negative: many romantic relationships began with a trivial misunderstanding and even scandal.

And here the most important thing is not to miss the moment, not to miss your happiness and destiny. True love concerns your whole being, because it is a special state of mind. Love is not admiration for a cool car and unbridled orgies: love is hidden in the depths of your heart and speaks to you in a quiet voice. When love comes, the heart freezes from happiness and begins to beat in a completely different rhythm. But do not confuse love with a sexual attraction to a person, because it is not associated with hormonal surges.

Note! For the sake of love, a person is ready to accomplish the feat, but for the sake of sexual relations - only to spend a certain amount of money.

For the sake of love, a person is ready for much, even to get rid of his affections or change beyond recognition. Some for the sake of love can change their principles and even worldview. But for the sake of sexual satisfaction, a person can donate little, because his goal is different - not to give, but to receive.

A simple test of love: what are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of a loved one, and what can he sacrifice for your sake? If a positive answer to this question is not expected, then it’s not love that you met, but the next sexual partner.

Three steps in finding love

To gain love, you need to take only three steps:

  1. get rid of memories of past failures;
  2. ask the universe to meet with love;
  3. open your heart and take a step towards love.

Past experience, especially negative, will not allow you to meet love: negative thoughts attract only negative. To attract something positive, you need to think in a positive way. Understand this main rule to achieve any success, and not only in the field of relationships.

When your mind is free from the bitterness of memories, you can formulate your intention - to meet love - and send a request to the universe. How to do it right? There is nothing difficult in this process, since the universe always hears us. She hears us even when we do not even suspect it. Only the universe hears the true desires that come from the heart. Any far-fetched desire (or copied from others) will not be fulfilled.

Esoteric advise to visualize, formulating their intent to the universe. Not everyone can do it, but you do not need to despair: you can do without visualization or you can replace it with a photo or another image. What should be shown in the photo? For example, a happy couple or a family holiday. You must sincerely wish that you also have it. To come the same happiness as the people depicted in the photo.

Important! Do not allow yourself to look sloppy or careless. Love can meet you unexpectedly, so you should always look attractive.

Then you need to let go of the intention. What does it mean? This means that you cannot remember your request daily and wait impatiently for its implementation (or materialization). Do not rush things, do not be nervous and do not fuss. Perhaps your love is in distant lands, so the meeting is slightly delayed. Calm down, relax and just get ready for a meeting: you can devote time to changing the image or redecorating the apartment. You yourself will find something to do: the main thing is not to worry about the implementation of the plan.

Note! A woman should not look preoccupied, she should always be cute and attractive. Sometimes can be thoughtful.

It should be recalled the dangers of doubt in the implementation of the plan. The energy of doubt is so powerful that it can easily spoil any good undertaking. Do not allow yourself to doubt, just believe in the opportunity to meet and wait for her with gratitude in your heart. Nerves will not help you, you just shudder and get sick on nerves. Nerves and appearance can easily spoil: you will walk with dark circles under your eyes, you will become thick (or deplete), your hair will begin to crumble, your skin will become covered with acne. Nerves are ungrateful and unnecessary for a woman.

Learn to love yourself

There is another little secret that has no price: no one will love you until you love yourself. How can this be? Very simple: the universe is a mirror. That is, the universe reflects what is inside you. If the love of your beloved dwells inside you, then those around you will also love. But if you are annoyed with your appearance and cannot look at yourself in the mirror without tears, then others will feel similar emotions.

On a note! Without self-love it is impossible to find happiness in the love of another.

How to learn to love yourself? First, you need to stop scolding yourself for anything. Praise yourself more often, smile to yourself in the mirror more often, more often indulge yourself with gifts and snacks. Treat yourself the way you want a beloved man to treat you.

Important note: never ask the universe to give you a spouse that you will take care of day and night with uncomfortable hands. This desire can come true literally, and you will love a disabled person or a gigolo. Never detail the image of your lover, just ask for true love, mutual.

Preoccupation with the search for love is visible to the naked eye. Therefore, it is important to look natural and not to give out your intentions to the love hunter. Finding your love will be much easier if you just start enjoying life. Believe me, there will be a lot of people willing to share the pleasure with you. And a completely opposite effect will be from a person who has a hungry wandering look for a source of pleasure. From such a person, everyone will just shy away. This is especially true of women "in search."

Important! A charming smile can replace a thousand beautiful words and help you to get out of an awkward situation with dignity.

Love for yourself precludes the search for a source of pleasure, because it is inside the person himself. Love for yourself involves careful care of your appearance, but without excesses: war paint does not emphasize beauty, but spoils it. A girl who loves herself will never spoil her appearance with an excess of colors.

How to understand that you are loved

We considered the question of how to meet love. And how to understand that true love came, by what criteria? Psychologists identify 4 points by which you can determine the truth of feelings:

  1. you are frank with your loved one, communicate openly;
  2. you are emotionally and spiritually compatible;
  3. you look to the future with confidence, without fear and fear;
  4. you have improved relationships with relatives.

Frankness in a relationship involves the absence of fear or embarrassment to tell your loved one about your feelings or experiences. You have nothing to hide from each other. Honest and open relationships are the key to a long and prosperous marriage. A spouse is not just a sexual partner, it is your mate. So, if you could not establish a relationship of trust, then you have the usual marriage alliance - but not love.

Emotional and spiritual compatibility allows the marriage union to exist for a long time and be sustainable. But one should not confuse emotional compatibility with physical, because a pleasant sexual contact does not imply a commonality of tastes and aspirations. Also, emotional compatibility should not be confused with empathy (when you feel the emotional and psychological state of any person) - these are different things. Emotional compatibility implies the presence of the same tastes, desires, aspirations and interests.

Fear for the future inherent in insecure people. But sometimes fear can talk about unreal relationships, that is, relationships without love. Instead of love there can be sympathy, physical attraction, mercenary motives. This is very dangerous, since the absence of any of these components of the marriage union will lead to a rupture of relations. For example, the lack of physical attraction on the part of a man will lead to adultery, and the absence of a mercenary component (the spouse did not receive the expected inheritance or position) will lead to immediate divorce. Therefore, the fear of the future - a litmus test of the truth of the relationship. If you are anxious inside you, it means that you did not meet the love, but its shadow.

Note! Love is a powerful source of positive, which changes everything around you in a positive direction.

Good relationship with family and friends - a sure sign of the truth of your marital relationship. Why does this criterion play an important role in determining the truth of the marital feelings and relationships? Because true love charges spouses with such a powerful positive, in which negative cannot exist. If a person is truly happy, it is passed on to others.