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Pomegranate - magical, healing properties, varieties


Pomegranate stone is considered one of the most beautiful, it looks spectacular in different decorations. Over the centuries, no woman could resist his brilliance. It is relatively inexpensive, associated with numerous secrets and legends. More information about the stone, its properties, the effect on the body can be found in the article.


Grant enjoyed fame in ancient Egypt, Persia, Ancient Rome. Gem was used to decorate cups, decorative items in palaces. It symbolized the victory in the battle, so the pomegranate was made to inlay weapons, armor.

The name of the stone was due to the similarity with the fruit of the same name. Versions of stone origin are also different. According to one of them, the stones are frozen drops of blood of the dead on the battlefield of warriors. In Mongolia, the grenade was represented as frozen dragon blood, its wearing should have given strength before the battles.

The stone symbolized military successes from the Crusaders, they took products from pomegranate on hikes not only to attract victory, hemostatic properties were also attributed to the crystal.

On the peninsula of Hindustan, the mineral was used in the manufacture of weapons, it was believed that it enhances its deadly properties. Christians believed that the lamp of Noah's Ark was made of pomegranate.

The ancient Persians considered garnet royal, it was decided to use when creating images of rulers. The Aztecs, Mayans used crystals as decorations for ritual garments.

Properties and specifications

Properties are determined by its affiliation to silicate related minerals. They have a similar crystal lattice, a distinctive feature of which are square edges. The different composition of the crystal affects its appearance, shade.


Varieties of pomegranate:

  • pyrope - different blood-reddish tint to brown;
  • rhodolite is a rare species, the main color varies from pinkish to purple;
  • andradite - occurs most often, maroon, yellowish, orange, green colors are found in nature;
  • spessartine - brown, pinkish, yellowish-brown shades are considered to be the most common, almost always stones have turbidity, foreign inclusions;
  • almandine - different cherry tint;
  • grossular - it is distinguished by a pale greenish, yellowish greenish tint, translated from Latin means gooseberry;
  • Uvarovit - a rare valuable green stone was named in honor of Uvarov, a Soviet scientist.

Chameleons, which change color depending on the angle of refraction of the sun's rays, can be attributed to a separate category. These stones, unlike other types, can be blue.

Medicinal properties

Grant was highly valued in the Ancient East, Eastern healers used it in the treatment of various ailments. Mineral is the best antidote, protects a person from the plague, can fight fever, feverish states.

Stone properties:

  • hemostatic properties, accelerated recovery of the body, wound healing;
  • improvement of vascular function, increased hemoglobin;
  • protection from the harmful effects of the environment, increased immunity;
  • normalization of metabolic processes in the body;
  • improving the functioning of the digestive tract, the endocrine system;

The crystals are used in the treatment of respiratory diseases, they help with headaches. Pomegranate also contributes to the improvement of the condition in case of strong migraines, for this a necklace or ring will be suitable. Jewelry will also help get rid of depressive, stressful states.

Magical properties

Great rulers often used the mineral as a talisman because of the large number of useful properties. The stone helped to find harmony, in such a state many decisions are made easier. Pomegranate should not be worn by lazy people who do not like to work. Wearing it can only lead to increased apathy.

An sociable active person will always get energetic contact with a grenade. Before buying a stone, you should be familiar with its magical properties, since carrying a crystal can have a strong effect on the body.

The mineral is ideal for lovers, it is well connected, the passion between them, helps to meet her husband's girlfriend. Crystal can also be used as protection against the evil eye, it will protect its owner from people with unkind thoughts, will give strength to achieve the goal.

Gem gives the owner leadership qualities, conveys thoughts to them, convinces him to act in his goals. Special attention to the stone should pay representatives of creative professions. It will help to be realized in any endeavors only under the condition of true devotion to art.

The stone symbolizes memory and loyalty, it was often presented during separation. It was also used in magic, fortune-tellers used it to make contact with the other world, the world of the dead. The talisman takes on all the negatives tested by man.

The magical properties of the mineral give its owner resilience to fleeting emotions. A person gains wisdom, gets a more sensible idea of ​​what is happening.

Women with antiquity wore garnet throughout the entire period of pregnancy, so that childbirth proceeded without complications. Warriors and travelers believed in the protective properties of the talisman, its properties to strengthen health and give a sense of purpose.

Crystal brings good luck to the owner, it can be harmful to liars, dodgy, self-serving people. The listed properties of the stone remain relevant to this day. Wearing it will help unlock a person’s potential, strengthen strong-willed properties, and choose the right solution in a difficult situation.

Mineral increases the influence of its owner on others, will give him the necessary energy. Constant wearing of a pomegranate helps to direct the thoughts of its owner in the right direction; in a difficult situation, it helps to keep his presence of mind.

When choosing a stone, you should listen to your own feelings. In the absence of predisposition to the mineral, other varieties should be checked. It is recommended to wash the pomegranate under running water with long wearing or when received as a gift.

Scope of application

Due to the large number of varieties, pomegranates have found wide application in various fields, not only in jewelry. In electronics, it is used as a ferromagnet. It also serves as a crystal for the laser. Ferrous varieties are used in the manufacture of grinding wheels, powders, pasty substances, skins for grinding. Mineral can also be used as one of the components of cement, ceramic mixture.


It is not easy to establish the exact price of a pomegranate, the pricing policy depends on the type, size, color, quality and method of processing. Crystal does not have a very high price, almost everyone can afford it. The cost also depends on the cut, the uncut crystal is an order of magnitude lower. The most expensive type of pomegranate is considered to be rhodolite, its hue is often pink.

How to check the natural origin of the stone

A fake is easily detected with the use of binolups. Crystal Check is also available at home. To do this, you need to put a stand on the scales, put a grenade on top. When the magnet is brought to the stone, the weights arrow should start moving.


To extend the life of the pomegranate will help the following measures:

  • protection from constant sunlight;
  • preventing contact of the mineral with water, chemicals;
  • regular cleaning with a saline, soapy solution followed by wiping dry;
  • denial of permanent wear.

Interesting Facts

In nature, there are so-called "ant" species of pomegranates. Bright red minerals are found on the surface of the nests of termites after heavy, prolonged showers. Ants dig up these pebbles from the soil and lay them on top of an anthill. Termites are located on the border of 4 US states.

Other facts:

  • tiny grenades are installed in a mechanical watch, the more such stones, the longer the life of the products;
  • Seventy-year-old Goethe ordered a set of 460 unique garnets as a gift to his young bride.


  1. Pomegranate is a unique in its beauty stone, there are several varieties of its various structure, composition and appearance.
  2. Crystal from ancient times used in the manufacture of jewelry. It is recommended to wear to courageous people with leadership qualities, it should not be apathetic to wear it, as it will only strengthen their negative properties.
  3. The mineral has hemostatic properties, improves immunity, activates metabolic processes in the body.
  4. The cost of a pomegranate depends on its size, variety of cut, almost everyone can afford such a purchase.