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Numerology by date of birth: a graph of life and fate


The scientist Pythagoras, on whose theory modern numerology is based, suggested building a graph of life by date of birth. This chart helps to determine the main milestones of the Fate of a person and to understand at what time we should expect difficulties, and at what time - success. Let's talk about how to calculate and build such a graph.

Calculation of life schedule by date of birth

A life schedule or a schedule of vitality is based on the fact that the life of any person is subject to seven cycles. Each of them is responsible for the rise and fall of the vital force, and each point of the graph is an indicator of the cycle.

To build a graph, you need:

  • Write the date of birth of a person: for example, 10/16/1991
  • Then you need to multiply the numbers between themselves: 16 * 10 * 1991 = 318560
  • If the number is seven-digit, we leave it unchanged.
  • In our example, the six-digit number. Therefore, we need to add the first two numbers to it: we get 31856031

After the calculation, you can start drawing the graph. This should be done according to the following algorithm:

  • The X axis is the years of life in increments of 7 years. They must be written in several rows, as shown in the figure below.
  • On the Y axis from both sides, you need to postpone the numbers from 0 to 9. Above each year along the X axis, you need to successively postpone the numbers from the code that we received as a result of the multiplication above (3, 1, 8, 5, 6, 0, 3, 1 ). Take a look at the picture so that it is visually understandable.
  • After you have put off all the points, connect them with lines.

Here is a graph as a result:

Every seven years, the values ​​of the graph are repeated. Next, we consider the decoding of the resulting values.

Fate by date of birth: decoding values

Analyzing a graph is quite simple - choose the year and see which digit on the Y axis it corresponds to.


In our example, zero fell on 1996, 2003, 2010, 2017, and so on. This means that during these periods a person will have the most difficult period in life.

He will be in dire need of the support of friends and relatives. Often will experience apathy, melancholy, close to depression. Constant failures and the notorious black stripe.

Zero also indicates the need to work out karmic debts. This is the time of revaluation of values, redemption of past sins.


The unit indicates that in your life will begin a period of recovery after the experienced difficulties. But luck will not come from the outside - you only need to rely on yourself. If it turns out to cope with bouts of dissatisfaction with himself, "turn on" hard work and try to succeed, he will come. But the period is quite complicated


Deuce also indicates a rise. The road to success will be difficult, slow, but sure. "Slow and steady, you will continue" - this is the motto for years that have come under the influence of two. It is advisable to stock up with peace of mind and learn to be philosophical about any difficulties.

Two is good because it gives the opportunity to control and notice in time any negative that comes into a person's life. Thanks to this property, it is possible to extinguish all the bad in time and open up to meet the good.


The period is quite difficult, but there will already be hope for success. Usually at this time, the beliefs and attitudes of a person undergo major changes. The position you occupy in society will be rather precarious and unreliable. We'll have to show the wonders of ingenuity.

A positive point: in the years of the three, a lot of new friends usually appear, this is a great time to establish business contacts


This time is constancy. In the years of the four people are able to decide in their habits and beliefs. He finally begins to occupy a dignified position in society, does not want change, he arranges everything in his personal life and in work affairs.

But if the year-four occurs after the "strong" year (8-9), this indicates the onset of a period of insecurity in oneself and one's own strengths. Energy will be less.


The five is a very happy but extremely unpredictable number. This is the embodiment of risk, unforeseen and surprising events in life. Life under the influence of the five resembles a lottery in which you can either pick a big jackpot, or be left with nothing at all.

It is important: if the year-five comes after a year less (1-4), then most likely the person will meet his true love. The situation is worse if the top five came after a larger year (6–9). Then we should expect disagreements in the family. Likely quarrels, conflicts that can end even separation.


Extremely favorable time when a person feels complete harmony and happiness. In life, everything will develop smoothly and smoothly. There will be stability in both personal and business relationships. Do not have to worry about the lack of money.

What is especially important: in this period, it is necessary to set goals that will not diverge from the personal boundaries and moral principles of the person. Then everything desired will come by itself.

Watch the video about plotting fate by date of birth:


Years of seven - the most favorable period in order to devote time to the spiritual component of life. You can do spiritual practices, self-development, practice meditation. More mundane people can do scientific work or research. It is also the right time to create new relationships.


Time of success. Good luck will accompany literally everything - the money will come in large quantities, the goals will be easy to realize, and acquaintances with the opposite sex will no longer disappoint.


Dream time is the ideal period for self-realization, fulfillment of long-held desires, realization of goals. These are the years when a person is able to reach the peak of his success and reap the rewards of the efforts made earlier.