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How to win a lot of money in a lottery with the help of a conspiracy


The easiest and most attractive way to get a round sum of money is to win the lottery. Every person tortured his happiness in the lottery at least once in his life.

Someone, having received nothing, was disappointed and did not return to gambling, someone did not lose hope and bought another ticket. Meanwhile, magic can significantly increase the chance of winning and help to become the owner of such a desired cash prize, in the arsenal of which there are a lot of effective plots for winning the lottery that can be read at home.

Features, implementation rules and possible consequences

Conspiracy to get a win in the lottery is a type of monetary rituals. They turn their luck towards the performer, give him success and luck in all games of gambling. The correct operation of the magical effect and the final result in favor of its performer ensures its correct implementation.

Usually, the reading of the text is accompanied by some ritual. In its practical application, the performer must act exactly with the attached instructions. Important points:

  • the best to use conspiracy - the period of growth of the moonfirst week of the new moon. But exceptions to this rule are possible, they are usually indicated in the recommendations;
  • preferred day of the week is Thursdayconsidered the day of Jupiter. This planet controls the flow of money;
  • belief in magic and conspiracy. Without faith, any ritual will be useless;
  • belief in your own success. To doubt oneself is to tune in to failure beforehand. And thought, as you know, is material;
  • visualization - drawing mental pictures of getting wealth;
  • rite mystery. Do not tell anyone about your intention.

Plots on the lottery there are different, most of them - from the category of white magic. It is a common belief that the rituals of light witchcraft are as dangerous and harmless as possible. As for the "lottery magic", the opinions of practicing magicians are divided about them.

One group believes that they are not capable of harming the performer, do not have any negative consequences and are called to act for the good. The second group adheres to the point of view that the application of magic will lead to irreversible events in the life of the performer. That is, having gained one, he will lose something else, very valuable for him (love, health, relatives, etc.)

To which of the two judgments to lean - you decide. For my part, I can advise when receiving wealth to share part of the amount with the needy (for example, transfer to the children's home account). Be sure: the higher forces will definitely mark this and will be favorable to you. And remember that conspiracy helps only in case of temporary financial difficulties. They will not replace a full-fledged salary, so they should not be abused.

If you are not embarrassed by the possible consequences and you are ready to win a large sum in the lottery, let's start reading the plots!

5 ways to win the lottery with magic

Simple plot to win

This is a very simple ceremony, requiring daily execution, regardless of the phase of the moon. It allows you to draw into the life of the artist wealth, and not necessarily in the form of a prize.

The performer must take 3 or 5 coins, put them in a pocket of clothes that wears every day. When the coins are crammed into the pockets, you need to read a short plot:

“As the water rushes to the shore, so does money tend to money.”.

Spending coins can not be spent! Every day you need to consolidate the plot, by touching the coins and its repetition. When washing clothes, the coins are removed from the pocket, and after washing, they must be put back there again.

The amount of wealth that these coins will attract will directly depend on the duration of their storage in the artist's pocket.

On a lottery ticket

A lottery ticket purchased in advance is spoken with the help of the words below in the growth phase of the moon. Requires a lit candle green. The ticket must be picked up and whispered at him:

“I'm talking up a lottery ticket, by me, God's servant (God's slave) (my name), bought. I hold it in my hands, I ask you to win money. I attract wealth and wealth, I invoke victory and coins to myself. Amen".

The plot is read 7 times, after which the candle is extinguished, and the ticket is removed before the circulation. To improve the effectiveness of this ritual can be combined with the previous one.

On the bill

Magic words read 7 times on the bill, which will need to pay when you purchase a ticket. The text is as follows:

"I will give one coin, I will get a lot in return."

When buying a ticket you need to take exactly the one that first gets in your eyes.

Strong ritual in the video

The midnight plot to the coin

Prerequisites: growing moon, clear sky, lit green candle. It will also take any coin of yellow (golden) color and mirror. Procedure:

  1. Open the window. Put a lit candle and a mirror on the windowsill. It is necessary that the moon and the flame of a candle be reflected in the mirror.
  2. Take a coin in your hand and say it to her: “A rich and notable merchant walks the earth under the moonlight, offers all his goods and does not want to take money for him. That merchant is a great sly fellow: people run in crowds, seize his goods for free, and in return, give their luck to the merchant. I am happy about this, as the merchant is the brother to me. I will see the night light in the sky and turn to the merchant at the time of this. I'll take myself luck, all that was said key forever close. Amen!"
  3. Put the spell coin in your pocket. Give it back when you buy a lottery ticket.