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Compatibility Taurus-Sagittarius: general characteristics, friendship and partnership


Taurus and Sagittarius are opposite in everything. Taurus can be compared to a sleeping volcano, and Sagittarius fires arrows at the most unexpected moment. Compatibility Taurus-Sagittarius - is it possible at all? Consider the issue in detail.

general characteristics

Taurus is under the patronage of the magnificent goddess Venus and is an expression of the essence of the earth element. This is a majestic and calm zodiac sign, loving beauty and harmony. Sagittarius is constantly in motion, he needs new impressions and a way out for emotions that overwhelm his soul.

Are there any points of contact between these opposite signs? It turns out there is. This is sincerity and perseverance in achieving goals. These characteristics can unite opposing signs and become the basis of complex, but interesting relationships.

If Taurus ceases to restrict the freedom of Sagittarius and demand prudent behavior from him, and Sagittarius will not reproach Taurus for sluggishness, the alliance may become successful and harmonious.

Taurus woman and Sagittarius male

Consider the prospects of this union. The Taurus woman is always attractive, since the goddess Venus has endowed her with all the necessary qualities. Sagittarius sees in her not only an attractive person, but also a reliable person. You can rely on Taurus in everything, since his opinion is not subject to any changes and it is useless to expect unexpected actions.

A Taurus woman should say goodbye to the idea of ​​remaking an unbridled Sagittarius and adjusting him to a certain standard of behavior - this is pointless.

Such attempts will end with conflicts and scandals. Sagittarius is accustomed to noisy companies, flirting and ease of communication. For the girl Taurus, this style of behavior is simply unacceptable. This is the difficulty of communication between representatives of these signs.

Sagittarius in the soul of a romantic and a tramp. He is capable of the most beautiful and incredible things that can touch the impressionable Taurus to the depths of the soul. However, is it possible to believe the words of Sagittarius, if he can forget about them the next day? He easily confesses his love to women and easily forgets about it.

If Sagittarius decided to create a stable relationship, a Taurus woman will force him to prove his serious intentions. This will take a long time, as the Tauruses never rush things - they have time according to their own laws. But the assertive Sagittarius will be able to overcome the unshakable stability of Taurus and move the impregnable mountain from its place - he is a representative of the fire element.

Their union is distinguished by a passionate relationship in which all the colors of love and tenderness play.

However, the constantly addicted Sagittarius will present other surprises to his beloved, because until the end of his days he will not be able to get rid of the habit of flirting to the right and left. Therefore, a sensible Telchikha must appeal to the aid of all the forces of prudence in order not to succumb to the illusion of infidelity of a flimsy spouse.

There is another way to temper the heat of the fiery spouse - to flirt with his friends. In this case, Sagittarius will be able to think and even come to their senses for a while. Fear of losing a gorgeous sweetheart will be more willing to play tricks.

What else can keep the fiery handsome Telchikha near you? Oddly enough, but its peculiarity is infuriating. If other signs of the zodiac do not like this quality of Taurus, then Sagittarius is just right. They are happy to observe changes in the behavior of Taurus and this introduces a hitch to the relationship.

The dazzling appearance of the girl Taurus helps to keep the union from collapse - there are always a lot of fans around her. This keeps the fire Sagittarius in good shape - he must constantly prove that he is the best. A jealousy scandal can occur in any unsuitable place - in public, at an event or just on the street. However, scandals always end in inevitable reconciliation and passionate embrace.


The union can be harmonious if the Sagittarius has reached satiety with the excesses of unbridled youth. A middle-aged archer can well become a respectable spouse of a calm and homely woman of Taurus. However, it is too early to celebrate victory - Sagittarius will still prefer a company of friends to a peaceful home pastime.

Harmony reigns in bed between spouses - both of them are not demanding for sex. The Taurus woman is conservative in her approach to marital duties, and Sagittarius is always happy with everything.

Sagittarius is not distinguished by loyalty, because it is in constant search for a change of sensations.

To calm Sagittarius, you need as soon as possible to acquire offspring. Papa Sagittarius will direct all his energy potential to the education of offspring.

Friendship and partnership

Between these signs of the zodiac can develop wonderful friendships, because Sagittarius constantly amuses the balanced Telchuha. He teaches her to perceive life easily and carelessly. This friendship can last a lifetime, even if a Taurus girl marries another.

In business, this pair will also achieve prosperity, as the assiduous and diligent Taurus will not allow the flimsy Sagittarius to give up the work begun without completion. Sagittarius, in turn, will fill the business with a variety of ideas that can translate into reality the stubbornness of Taurus.

This alliance expects a fruitful future if Taurus and Sagittarius direct their efforts in one direction. And they will do it by all means!