Dream interpretation

Leonid - the meaning of the name, character traits and the fate of a person


The name Leonid means a lion-like or the son of a lion; it comes from the ancient Greek name Leonidas. Other derivative names: Leo, Leon, Leo. The short form includes: Lenya, Lech, Leon.

Angel's day on the church calendar Leonid notes: April 16 - in honor of St. Leonid, who was drowned in the sea for believing in Christ; July 30 - in honor of the martyr Leonid, who founded the church in the Vologda region.

General interpretation

  • The planet patron of the name is the Sun;
  • The meaning of the name fits the sign of the zodiac - Leo;
  • Color that attracts good luck and happiness - pale yellow, orange, gold;
  • The totem animal is a lion;
  • Stone amulet - diamond;
  • The tree that feeds with power and positive energy is cedar;
  • A health promoting plant is a wild rose bush.

Features of the character of Leonid in childhood and adolescence

Baby Lenechka grows sunny and cheerful tomboy. He is curious, active, out-of-age, business-like and resourceful. He is a very good-natured, charming and cute boy who is constantly looking for something to do.

This baby is very social. Parents will not be afraid to give it to kindergarten, as it quickly adapts to a new place, finds friends, gets used to circumstances and sees positive things in everything.

Lenya since childhood does not like loneliness. His openness, interpersonal skills, and also charming appearance contribute to the fact that he is surrounded by many peers. They see in him an ideological mastermind, involving them in amusing twists and turns.

In school, Lenchik always doesn’t have enough time, he needs twenty-four hours a day. He is in a hurry to live, paying attention not only to the main subjects, but also visiting creative circles, sports sections.

Possessing an analytical mindset, the ability to competently reason, analyze, Lenya begins to understand people well. In addition, he sees a systematic approach in everything, adheres to a certain discipline and order.

This does not mean that Leonid is growing up as a very serious boy and focused on self-education. He is artistic, can move well, has a hearing and voice, shows abilities in music.

For such a diverse nature during this period, the participation of parents is very important. Lenya is a proud, impressionable, vulnerable boy. Therefore, relatives should support his interests and inspire achievement.

In high school, Lyonya begins to change. He becomes less active and hardworking, but still benevolent, sociable, flexible and diplomatic. This young man now needs more affection, attention, love and compliments. Only in this way is he able to show some kind of activity and show a good result.

At this age, he does not try to shine special talents, more lazy, relying on past merit, experience and intuition. Surprisingly, his passport will be replete with good grades, and he can easily enroll in a good educational institution.

The Lenya Institute is valued - as a good and loyal friend. It is reliable, straightforward and decent, able to resolve any conflict, even if he does not participate in it. He likes the role of arbitrator, he feels significant and unique.

Student Lenya is still good in appearance and attracts a large number of female fans. But with the girls he does not behave lightly. Intimacy is possible for him if he trusts his companion and feels a spiritual connection with her.

Leonid often gives preference to girls who possess not only good looks, but also intelligence. It is important for him to know the opinion of his girlfriend on the subject of interest to him, he may need advice or just a kind parting word.

However, the shortest way to Lenchik's heart is through the stomach. He has a special gastronomic preferences. Perhaps it comes from childhood when his mother taught him a good home cooking. He is very capricious in food and often becomes a fair gourmet.

Professional realization, love and health

In mature years, the external brightness and attractiveness of Leonid disappear somewhere. But as for inner qualities - he becomes very businesslike, collected, ambitious, energetic and principled.

In many areas, Leonid can apply his knowledge and skills, realize his goals, make a successful career. A lively mind, consistency in actions, persistence, developed intuition - in many respects are its advantages. He is also well versed in people, able to pinpoint the motivation of a person.

Successful work can take place in the field of science, government or political activity, journalism, the introduction of new technologies. Leonid, born in the spring, is a creative person. Such a person may well become a famous humorist, artist, pop genre, musician or artist.

Lenya is sometimes dreamy and sentimental, he can imagine himself surrounded by a crowd of fans or at the main award of the year, where he is awarded an honorary award. Such visions contribute to the fact that Leon does not deny himself anything, preferring to live in a big way. Therefore, it is very important for him to have a stable, high income.

Personal life and health

As for Leonid's personal life, he just needs to be in a state of love. This gives him a certain meaning of life, brings pleasure to sex, inspires to embody new original ideas.

Lenya used to get pleasure from life, especially when it comes to the family hearth. He will never choose a beautiful but selfish fool for his wife. He is attracted by smart, calm, affectionate and charming personages. Only with such a woman Leo will feel happy.

Leonid loves children, but in education he is rather strict and principled. His children most likely will not be spoiled by gifts and expensive toys. But then they will receive the best and most prestigious education.

In the family, Leonid pays great attention to order and cleanliness. He will not stand in the sink dirty dishes or a layer of dust on the cabinet. But Leva himself is not ready to wash and clean, leaving this responsibility for his wife.

Over the years, Lenya may become less tolerant of others, including those close to him. A dinner not prepared on time or a long conversation between a spouse and a friend on the phone can all cause conflict and complaints on the part of Leo. He is also jealous and quick-tempered.

Therefore, marriage with such a person may seem unbearable for someone, and Lenya is left alone. But Leonid cannot remain a bachelor for a long time and prefers to start a family a second time.

Good compatibility of the name Leonid with women named: Irma, Lolita, Elvira, Marianna, Angelina. Unfavorable union with Lily, Zhanna, Taisiya, Dina, Ninel.

Leonid's health over the course of his life can be quite stable, as he tries to keep track of his nutrition, his weight, he doesn’t have any bad habits. There is a risk of injury to the spine, legs or arms, so be careful when choosing a hobby or sport.

Famous people named Leonid