Dream interpretation

Dream of shamans - a trip to the world of dreams


The world of dreams interests all people. Why do we see dreams, and some of them may foreshadow the events of real life? The shamans have their own answer to this question, which is fundamentally different from the generally accepted one. The dream interpretation of shamans is not a list of interpretations of certain dream images, it is based on a different approach to this issue. Consider the features of shamanic interpretation of dreams.

Dream world

The shamans say that in a dream the world of the living and the world of spirits unite. According to the shamans, each creature can distinguish its spirit and connect with the spirits of other creatures in the world of dreams. Since the dream world is different from the earthly world, different transformations can occur there. For example, a person may look like a tree or an animal, and an animal may take on the image of a person.

Therefore, the interpretation of shamanic dreams is never straightforward. They are sure that the image of an animal or a plant symbolizes a person. But the image of a person or a plant speaks of an animal.

Also, shamans believe that the appearance of images in a dream always carries important information. However, this information is in encrypted form, so an ordinary person cannot interpret a dream - the help of a shaman is necessary. It is impossible to ignore messages in dreams, since the world of spirits always warns about something important. If you correctly decode symbolic messages, you can live to a great old age and not get sick.

How to learn to understand dreams

Shamans always use dreams to lift the veil of secret knowledge. How can an ordinary person learn such techniques? To do this, first of all, it is necessary to change the way of thinking - to make it flexible and pliable.

First you need to go to the bookstore selling esoteric books. Choose a book about shamans and their travels. You can visit this store in a dream and in reality. In the book you will find a detailed description of the shaman’s worldview, be able to touch a different perception of the world.

Spirits of nature and things

Then you need to realize that the whole universe is a living organism. There are no inanimate objects, no matter how inanimate they may seem. Plants, stones, all objects and water possess the soul and consciousness. You need to learn how to feel it - then you can open the door to the world of shamanic dreams.

However, just knowing is not enough. You must feel the spirit of the surrounding objects and nature. Begin to greet your things, send a ray of love to the sun and wind, and mentally talk to animals. It is not necessary to do this in the presence of outsiders, because not everyone can understand and accept your changed outlook.

Symbols and signs

Then you must realize that there is no chance. For example, the same thoughts are not an accident - it is a manifestation of a different pattern. If you met a person in real life, and then he came to you in a dream - this has a special meaning. You need to start a dialogue with him in your dream.

Know how to notice and distinguish between symbols and signs - this is the right path to shamanic dreams.

Further, the characters in dreams can be both archetypal and personal. For example, religious symbolism refers to archetype symbols, and the caw of a crow refers to your personal symbolic meanings. Personal symbol can be a smell, and musical melody. This is something that only you understand and no one else.

Twilight Zone

This is not a darkened consciousness, but the boundary between sleep and wakefulness. The state of the twilight zone can be caught immediately after waking up. This time needs to be spent with advantage, for example, to plan a good day. The twilight zone can also be used before going to sleep when the consciousness begins to "blur."

At bedtime, imagine that you are going upstairs to the sky. So you can get to the upper world during sleep. But do not just climb the stairs, but with a clearly asked question. For example, you want to know about your future or about the past of your ancestors. Go up the stairs and think about your question. Likewise, you can go down the stairs if you want to get into the lower world.

Three worlds of dreams

So, shamans distinguish 3 worlds of dreams and 3 levels of perception:

  1. upper;
  2. average;
  3. lower.

The first level is always associated with spiritual manifestations or knowledge. Usually a person contemplates heaven, planets, or a source of spiritual light.

The second level - ordinary household dreams. This is due to the daily experiences of the person, which are processed by the brain. These dreams are informative and do not mean anything.

The third level is the level of shamanic journeys to the lower world. It is associated with ancient knowledge. In these dreams you will see nature and animals. At this level, you can gain knowledge and gain spiritual patron from the animal world.

What to do if you feel yourself in a dream at a certain level? If you are on the middle level, try to find the door - it will be the exit to the lower or upper level. You will simply go there through the portal.

If you are on the top level, look for answers to questions about the meaning of life or relationships with ancestors. If you find yourself on a lower level, look for the patron of the animal world.

Awareness in dreams

Now you need to learn how to wake up in a dream. It does not mean to open your eyes and stay awake - it means conscious behavior during the dream. You must continue to sleep, but at the same time realize that you are asleep. Waking up in reality is not necessary!

Ways to develop awareness in a dream:

  • During the day, constantly ask yourself whether you are sleeping or awake - this skill will go to sleep.
  • If you ask yourself about this in a dream, then you have achieved awareness in a dream.

How to understand that you woke up in a dream and not confuse sleep with reality? There are several characteristic signs:

  • watches and other devices in dreams are always faulty;
  • body shape in dreams looks different than in reality.

As soon as you notice these features, immediately ask yourself: is it a dream or a reality?

To quickly get into a lucid dream, use the binary rhythms - write them on the player and fall asleep in the headphones.

Character decoding

How to interpret what he saw in a lucid dream? Only with the help of sensations. You need to remember what feelings you experienced during this episode of sleep. On the bedside table should be a notebook in which you should immediately write down the scenes and related sensations. Subsequently, you will learn to decipher the characters right in your sleep.


Everyone has heard that shamans can use hallucinogens in their practices. However, the uninitiated person can not use it. First, you do not know how to take substances. Secondly, it can harm you. Therefore, do not experiment with unfamiliar ingredients.