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What are they - water signs of the zodiac


Astrology divides all Zodiac constellations into 4 elements: Fire, Air, Earth and Water. For representatives of a certain element, specific personality traits, character, life position, behavior, etc. are typical. In this article I want to talk in detail about the water signs of the zodiac.

Zodiac watermarks: characteristic

The element of Water (also called trigon in another way) absorbed the principles of cold and moisture. It is formed by three constellations: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. In astrology, known as the trigon of feelings and emotions. Ancient philosophy states that the Water element produces nitrogen. Her patron spirits are the undines.

Water trigon is the personification of emotional experiences, inner peace, accumulation and memory. Water is characterized by plasticity, changeability, secrecy. It endows its representatives with uncertainty, a tendency to "soar in the clouds", imaginative thinking and soft forms.

If a person in the natal chart (horoscope) refers to the Water element, the Sun sign (that is, the Zodiac sign), the Moon, the Ascendant and other indicators - he will definitely be phlegmatic in nature. It is characterized by high sensitivity, susceptibility of the surrounding world, as well as impressionability, developed thinking. A person prefers to live not with the outside world, but with his inner world, concentrates more on his own emotions and experiences.

The personalities that are part of the Water Trigon are, for the most part, distinguished by contemplativeness, and they are used to worrying not only about themselves, but also about their close surroundings. However, from time to time they show indifference, lethargy, and are subject to laziness (the exception being the constellation Scorpio).

The mood of the people of Water is very changeable, their quirks and mental agony are consonant with the water flows. They are not accustomed to expressing their feelings vividly (as, for example, the trine of Fire or Air does), but they experience everything very deeply and deeply inside themselves.

Not prone to superficiality. Signs of Water are not distinguished by high business activity, practicality, sober thinking and objectivity. Their obvious advantage is their richest imagination and imagination, as well as the presence of a huge internal and external strength.

Such a rich inner world, subtle perception of reality, empathy help them to become successful in creative activities. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are so many representatives of this element among actors, musicians, artists and composers. But only their creative activity is not limited to creativity. Water personalities are successfully implemented in the service sector, becoming social workers, psychologists, detectives, etc.

The behavior and mood of such individuals are influenced by external factors and internal state. Often, something completely irrelevant, to which another person would not even pay attention, can greatly change their mood. As a result, they lose interest in what they did, cool in their feelings for their loved one.

The most aggressive water trigonus constellation is Scorpio. Other signs are distinguished by spiritual refinement, politeness, courtesy and attractiveness.

But on the other hand, Scorpio is the strongest sign, physically, morally. It is impossible to have a negative external impact, as you will encounter a powerful resistance. One can only marvel at the patience, endurance, tenacity and perseverance inherent in this sign.

The antipode of Scorpio is the constellation Pisces. They are considered the most morally weak, not only in the triangle of Water, but also in the whole Zodiacal circle. They in the horoscope must have compensating indicators of the planets belonging to other elements.

All three constellations of the Water element have approximately the same intensity of feelings. The latter mostly dominate the mind. Therefore, it is not surprising that such a person would willingly sacrifice himself in order to ensure well-being for his close associates. Beloved and close people cause a whole lot of deep and pure feelings.

However, when sincerity and sincerity will not be appreciated properly - they will forever break such a connection. True, they themselves will then be very worried. Constantly in search of a decent life partner. For them, true feelings and marriage are extremely significant, especially for the female sex.

The main problem of the Water element lies in their increased dreaminess and fantasies. Because of the mischievous imagination, it often happens that “from heaven to earth” fall harshly. And if they cannot cope with their own disappointment, they sit down on alcohol, start using drugs, etc.

Ideally, this is when the elements of the Water are representatives of the fair sex - it will enhance their feminine energy and sensuality. As for men, they, being in this trigone, risk turning into effeminate, overly sensitive, if they do not work on themselves. Also often get involved in gambling and various frauds.

Distinctive features of the signs of water on the horoscope

  • The most important thing for them is to maintain positive emotional relationships. Because of this, they find harmony and tranquility. In the opposite case (with a deterioration of relations with their close environment), they become vulnerable and anxious.
  • The difference between the Water and Earth triangle is as follows: the signs of Water will always doubt their own actions. Also often do not rationally, which is the fault of their unrestrained illusions.
  • Quite a large part of the personalities of this trigon tend to be pessimistic, melancholy. They give preference to passivity than active actions.
  • Their success in work is directly influenced by the relationship they have with the team and the authorities. If the situation is heating up, they feel depressed and start lazing.
  • They are the most real empaths who find it easier than anyone else in the Zodiac to analyze the mood of the people around them. Due to this, Cancers, Pisces and Scorpions often deftly manipulate others to achieve their goals.
  • Definitely are introverts, ready to open their rich inner world to the few. But if you enter the circle of their few friends, they will be able to show you all their loyalty and devotion.
  • Their true nature is revealed with serious life shocks. Then you will see their true tremendous power, which allows them to win, even in a very difficult situation.

Signs of Water: a description of the constellations

Now I propose to understand in more detail with each of the signs of the trigon.


These are all those who saw the world in the interval from February 21 to March 20. Pisces is patronized by the planet Neptune. Their symbol is two small fish that swim in two different directions. The main personality trait is the presence of conflicting desires.

From the positive characteristics of fish there are such:

  • generosity;
  • goodwill;
  • wonderful humor;
  • loyalty, devotion;
  • tenderness, romance;
  • loyalty with regards to other weaknesses;
  • high level of spiritual development;
  • the ability to empathize;
  • empathy;
  • sincerity;
  • love of nature, the ability to see beauty in everything;
  • creative talents.

Personality Cons:

  • easily fall under the influence of others;
  • apathy, lack of character;
  • obsession;
  • disorganization;
  • laziness, inability to finish the job;
  • dislike to overcome life difficulties.


According to the horoscope, all those born from June 21 to July 21 become crayfish.

What are the features of such individuals?

  1. Outwardly, they create an image of calm, confident individuals. And inside they are incorrigible and very vulnerable romantics. It is extremely difficult for cancers to relax, to get out of "their shell" and to show frankness.
  2. If faced with a sneer or unrequited feeling of love, they may well become depressed.
  3. Cancer in love turns into an emotionally dependent on his partner. Even a minor reproach from him will turn into a real disaster.

Of their positive qualities, mention should be made of:

  • great patience;
  • dedication, willingness to give all of himself to the object of his love;
  • characterized by great loyalty in the relationship - Cancers often create marriages once and for all life;
  • worried about their home, keep it cozy;
  • Respectful of their parents, need warm communication with them. It is Cancers that are the most caring and loving children in the whole Zodiac;
  • distinguished by tranquility, poise;
  • pious, friendly to others.

Regarding the cons of the constellation Cancer, you need to note them:

  • jealousy;
  • touchiness;
  • low self-esteem;
  • stinginess;
  • emotional instability (they will surely be upset by a touching scene from a movie or a book).


Scorpions are all who see the world in the period from October 24 to November 22.

How is this constellation characterized?

  1. He has an incredibly strong character, he also has a special natural magnetism. Scorpios have tremendous exposure, they will go through any problems, proudly lifting their heads, will survive any difficulties of life.
  2. Always strive to improve themselves and the surrounding reality.
  3. They have a heightened sense of justice, they do not tolerate arrogant attitude. Always help the weak person who was offended.
  4. They perceive life with skepticism, stay for a long time in search of a worthy partner, business for the soul, and even things that they are going to get.
  5. Scorpio comes out a great motivator that pushes others to act.
  6. Prone to samoedstvo and vysykivaniyu flaws in themselves.
  7. If they piss off - can commit a cruel act. Faced with betrayal - never forgive the offender, and their revenge will be very sophisticated.

Now let's talk about the positives:

  • have internal self-control;
  • have a strong will;
  • reliable, faithful;
  • straightforward, they will never lie;
  • decent;
  • punctual.

Of the minuses noted:

  • power, desire to control others;
  • exposure to risk that is often in vain;
  • aggressiveness, intolerance;
  • manifestations of sophisticated cruelty are possible;
  • jealousy;
  • rancor;
  • express their position sharply than often intentionally offend other people.

Love compatibility

Let's find out which partners are best to look for water constellations? Who will be able to start a family, and with whom can you just lose time?

Water + Water

In such a union, emotions always flow over the edge. Both partners show sensitivity and attentiveness to each other, which, on the other hand, can spoil relations. The main problem of combining the signs of one trigon is the same negative qualities of both participants in the couple.

Water periodically needs rest from personal emotions and offenses. But in alliance with the second Water, this is impossible. If problems arise, both one and the second will prefer to wait passively rather than act. In addition, it is possible the increased susceptibility to phobias and nervous disorders due to increased suspiciousness.

Water + Air

Also not very favorable combination. Signs of Water - live in the world of the senses, but signs of Air are not. True, often the partners of these elements are experiencing a fatal, inexplicable attraction to each other.

It is important for them to learn to truly understand the behavior of their chosen one. Then the union can become favorable: Air will teach Water of impartiality, prudence, relaxedness in communication. And Water, in turn, will open to him the art of empathy.

Water + Earth

Here is the perfect compatibility of elements. A reliable, loyal and stable Earth perfectly complements the defenseless, vulnerable and touchy Water. The Earth does not feel with Water such tension and anxiety as with Fire, or such insecurity, indecision and depression, as with Air.

Of course, even the most successful compatibility will have its drawbacks. In this pair, they will be frequent fluctuations and pessimism, which characterize both partners. But they have everything in sex.

Water + Fire

The latest compatibility option is the most unfortunate of all combinations. The fact is that the elements of Water and Fire are opposite to each other. Both the first and second are distinguished by high excitability, but it is different. The fire is hot-tempered and sharp, but its message is addressed to the outside. And Water is a more pliant and passive element that needs emotional support and understanding.

Subject to work on yourself, finding a compromise is still real. But for this, both parties to a relationship must learn to understand and accept the emotional essence of their chosen one.

In any case, do not focus only on the compatibility of the elements. There are many exceptions to the rule, if this is really your man, then together you will cope with any difficulties (including different characters and worldviews).

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