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The meaning of the careless name Raisa - fate, character and love


The name Raisa came to Russia from Greece, where it translates as “careless”, “light”. In Arab countries, this female name is translated as "main".

The diminutive form of the name: Paradise, Rasechka, Raisochka, Risa, Raika, Rajushka, Raiska, Rajusha.

In the Orthodox faith, the day of the birthday of Raisa is celebrated on September 18 on the day of the holy martyr Raisa, who was beheaded after the crucifixion of Jesus.


  • The character of Raisa depends on the time of year of birth:
  • Winter - Sympathetic, hardworking.
  • Spring - Rented, closed.
  • Summer - Sociable, economic.
  • Autumn - Secretive, independent.


Little Rasha grows up as a positive, active child, knows how to please others. Unlike hyperactive children, Raisa is able to quickly calm down and become serious. In any company, he becomes a leader, comes up with various games, leads the guys. He takes friendship seriously, appreciates his friends. Able to listen to someone else's opinion

Raisa is studying above average, she is trying to get good grades in her favorite subjects. Outside school, he finds a hobby to which he devotes his time, which he can engage in in adult life, for example, dancing, photographing. He never listens to his intuition, believes that it does not exist. In a critical situation, Raisa acts quickly and clearly.

As an adult, Raisa turns into an independent woman, achieving everything in life herself. Goes through life with a smile and optimism. Leadership qualities with age in it are stronger than in childhood. Able to communicate sincerely with people who are happy to be drawn to her. Doing only what will bring her great benefit, it’s better not to stand on her way to the goal - she will sweep away everyone. Able to revenge.


Can fall in love with several guys at the same time, so that they are not aware of this for a long time. Loves sexual pleasures, sensations, role-playing. May change your beloved for the sake of new sexual sensations on the side.


In husbands looking for an honest, confident man who can fully trust. In the family creates an atmosphere of complete trust and support, does not accept deception, secrecy and betrayal. From the outside, it seems that the head of the family is a man, but in reality, Raisa imperceptibly directs her husband to the right direction for the family. Raisa has no craving for everyday life, and therefore, instead of a full meal, she can have hastily cooked dumplings on the table.


In her work, Raisa is distinguished by her unusual thinking, which allows her to find a non-standard way out of any situation. He knows how to calculate steps ahead and almost never makes mistakes. Although Raisa is diligent, she endures the monotonous work, for a long time she does not linger on such work. She has no business acumen to earn big money. Often in need of money. Can work almost anyone, in any field will achieve success.


In childhood, he often suffers from colds, but does not like to be treated, preferring to carry diseases on his feet, which is why he really cannot recover. Parents need to be more attentive to their daughter, to prevent complications after suffering bronchitis. August Rais has eye problems. Winter raisa due to metabolic disorders should follow a diet. In old age, Raisa suffers from arthritis, hypertension.

Horoscope named Raisa

Aries - Purposeful, hardworking, always achieves the intended goal. Do not trust strangers. Men do not stay with her.

Taurus - Energetic, calculating, independent. He does not allow anyone to come to him because of the fear of betrayal. Men with her hard.

Gemini - Beautiful, sociable, trying to please everyone. Mood changes several times a day. Will be happy with a domineering man.

Cancer - Open, business, conflict. Because of the inability to lose and listen to others, makes mistakes. Need a calculating and calm man.

Lion - Workaholic, careerist. Personal life does not interest her. For their children will be strict and loving mother.

Virgo - Selfish, freedom-loving. Men do not stand her character. She will be happy with a compliant man in all, a wonderful mistress and mother will leave her.

Scales - Sociable, cheerful, delicate. Quarrel quenches in the bud. Carefully selects friends to your company. Marry late, but for a carefully selected man.

Scorpio - Powerful, sharp, aggressive. Does not tolerate betrayal, deception, in response, can refined revenge. Almost no friends. Will be happy with a patient and honest man.

Sagittarius - Fast, responsible, hardworking. Before each case is a clear plan for which acts. Mother and wife are wonderful.

Capricorn - Pessimistic, with a sharply changing mood about good to bad. Avoids noisy companies, at one time performs several tasks at once.

Aquarius - Dreamy, prudent. Easy to fall in love, easy to talk to, knows how to behave like a true lady.

Pisces - Peaceful, polite, does not like being crawled into her soul, can roughly put her abuser in her place. In love, it becomes soft and in all inferior to her beloved.

Compatible with male names


  • Excellent: Alexander, Ivan, Andrey, Egor, Vladimir, Fedor, Nikolay, Stepan, Lev, Oleg, Vadim, Vasily, Maxim, Mikhail, Kirill, Timofey, Yaroslav, Konstantin, Pavel, Anton.
  • The bad ones: Artem, Ilya, Matvey, Sergey, Denis, Eugene, Nikita, Alexey, Roman, Vladislav, Grigory, Makar.

In business:

  • Excellent: Michael, Kirill, Yaroslav, Arseny, Pavel, Vyacheslav, Vasily, Danil, Yegor, Fedor, Konstantin, Leo, Anton, Yuri.
  • The bad: Artem, Ilya, Vladislav, Nikita, Alexey.


  • Planet - Jupiter.
  • The color of the name is Blue.
  • Season - Summer.
  • Happy day of the week - Thursday.
  • Lucky number - 4.
  • Metal - Tin.
  • Star sign - Virgo.
  • Element - Air.
  • Totem animal - Deer.
  • Plant - Lavender.
  • Tree - Apple Tree.
  • Mineral mascot - Amethyst, Sapphire.

Famous people named Raisa