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How to interest a guy by correspondence, keeping his attention


How to interest a guy by correspondence? If you are in search of relationships, then surely ask the question. At one time, I also put it in front of me. And now I want to tell you about the secrets of communication established by me on the Internet with the opposite sex.

Love and the Internet

In the modern age of developed information technology, the search for one’s second half on the Internet is already confusing for very few people. And what to say here - most people get to know, just the same, with the help of the world wide web.

Indeed it is very convenient - just create a profile on the selected dating site and maintain correspondence with men. Difficulties usually arise precisely at the stage of communication - you need to be able to interest the worthy representatives of the stronger sex and recognize in time the sexual maniacs and other perverts.

As a rule, anxious MCHs who are looking for clearly not exalted feelings on the site, present themselves from the very first minutes of communication - they will not hesitate to write you all their erotic fantasies and erotic sentences. These are immediately sent to the ban and continue to search for a decent guy or man.

Here, I recommend that you use the following tips offered below.

Pay attention to yourself

Suppose you traveled through a dating site and accidentally discovered the page of a young man of your dreams: what to do to get his attention? Not noticed that part of the answer is already in question? It is necessary to "attract attention."

Many girls feel embarrassed when they write the first guys. Fortunately, dating sites have provided this moment and offer such a function as to like a photo or "wink" to the person you like. You can start with this - who knows, maybe the guy will go to your page, and he will like you so much that he will continue to communicate independently.

If the specified method did not work, you will have to act more radically. You still need to write first. Do not take this too seriously, no one knows whether you will ever meet with this MCH in life or maybe your destiny is waiting for a completely different angle. Just take the first step at random.

So, what to write to the man to interest him?

  • Make a compliment, but not to the MCH itself, but, for example, to the beautiful place of nature in his photograph, his dear pet or something else associated with it. Write, for example: "What a beauty! I also adore cats." Thus, you simultaneously express your praise and draw attention to your own person.
  • Another option is to ask for help. True, it will work only in the presence of common interests. Well, for example, you have a bicycle that has broken down and you see that the guy you are interested in also loves bikes - he has a photo with them in his profile.

Then you can write, asking if he knows by chance, where in your city they repair this type of transport efficiently and inexpensively? Adequate MCH, of course, will answer you, and there, who knows, maybe the communication will continue further.

What are the phrases on the black list for dating guys?

  • "Hello how are you?" - very trite, is unlikely to attract attention.
  • "I'm bored, can you tell me how to cheer up?" - You may receive not quite the answer you expect.
  • "All men are bad, are you one of them?" - here, as they say, without comment.
  • "You're so beautiful" - an inappropriate compliment, from the girl sounds, at least, strange.
  • "What did such a guy forget on a dating site?" - continuation of the previous phrase. Do you want a guy to have a “crown” on his head in relation to you from the very beginning of communication?

Develop communication

If you managed to attract the attention of a man, and he began to respond to you, the next task is the further development of communication. To do this, be sure to carefully review its page: get acquainted with a hobby, place of work, information about training, musical preferences, attitude to bad habits, etc.

You are very lucky if the MCH page is almost empty - there is a great opportunity to find out all the questions from him personally. At the same time, observe the manner of answers - does it answer in an expanded form or is it limited to a brief “yes” and “no”? Does something in return ask you? Are you interested in your hobbies, work, affairs? There is no point in imposing on a guy when you don’t see any interest in yourself. It is better to wait for another candidate for a place in the heart.

So, the conclusion - continue to develop communication, only seeing a reciprocal interest in yourself.

How to maintain interest in a guy

With continued communication with the MCH, use the tips below.

  1. Be yourself. Very often, the female gender, in order to please the male, imitates, starting to play a completely different role. There is absolutely no point in this, because sooner or later the truth will still come out. Think better about what the consequences will be fraught with?
  2. Be polite. Educated and polite behavior is always fashionable. Therefore, you need to politely greet, say goodbye, do not be afraid to once again say "thank you" for the received compliment or advice. Be sure to give up boorish or vulgar words, especially - swear words. If you want a polite, well-bred person to be with you, behave accordingly.
  3. "Yes" jokes and humor. The ability to funny joke is simply priceless, that for guys, that for girls. If a young lady knows how to joke, she can make a guy laugh, understands jokes to her side and reacts to them cheerfully - it will be a real pleasure to communicate with her.
  4. No flattery. The use of flattering, sugary little phrase is under a perfect ban. Of course, sometimes it is quite possible to make a sincere compliment. The latter may relate to appearance (for example, pumped muscles) or the ability to perfectly understand something. The main thing is that it should be sincere and not too often (it is not recommended to take over men).
  5. Can not be imposed. Do not scribble a million messages a day to a guy! If he didn’t answer you right away - maybe he is busy, is not online or just sleeping. Another question is that when this happens all the time - this is an obvious reason to think.
  6. Ask carefully. Questions are good, but only if they are relevant. It is not necessary to affect the past personal life at the initial stage of dating, to be interested in ex-girls. In the future, when communication becomes closer, you will return to this issue, but for the time being wait for it.
  7. Intimate topics are not welcome.. Do not be too frank with unfamiliar MCH. The exception to the rule is when you yourself are looking for a partner for one night. In all other cases, you should avoid sexual subjects, arguing that while you are still little acquainted. In the future, if everything goes, you can catch up.
  8. Radiate optimism. No one likes whiners, always complaining about something and dissatisfied with everything and everyone around. It is important that your conversation is mainly positive. You should not immediately complain about your life troubles. An exception will be the situation when the guy himself tells you about his problem, and you just support him.

You are not familiar yet so close to start discussing each other’s failures or illnesses. Similar while completely inappropriate. Be content with general themes - literature, travel, cinema, interests, close relatives, funny stories of your past.

I hope you have become clearer how to interest a man by correspondence and keep his interest on yourself. The next step is already behind it - it will be a proposal for a meeting in real life. It is better not to delay with a date - a long correspondence takes a lot of time, but does not bring any benefit at the end.

And if the MCH does not call you for a meeting for a long time, then this is a reason to think about it: for what purpose is it on the site? Does he have a girlfriend or wife? Perhaps he is just having fun, not looking for anything serious on the Internet?

Draw conclusions and finally watch the video on the topic: