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Poltergeist: how it looks and how dangerous it is


Paranormal phenomena in the home, such as unexplained noise or the movement of objects, are commonly referred to as poltergeist. Someone thinks that this is the restless soul of a person, and someone argues that this is due to black magic.

The last few days in my apartment there are strange things that I do not find a logical explanation. My friend said it was a poltergeist. This neighborhood does not deceive me, so I decided to find out how dangerous it is and how to get rid of it. In this article I will talk about who a poltergeist is, how it manifests itself, and whether it is possible to get rid of it.

Poltergeist Description

Translated from the German "polter" means "noise", and "geist" - "spirit". Consequently, a poltergeist is a noisy spirit. However, there are 2 different explanations for this phenomenon. Someone thinks that a poltergeist is the restless soul of a deceased person, and someone claims that a noisy spirit is an energy clot. According to psychics, both definitions are correct, but in most cases a dense clot of negative energy still appears as an otherworldly being. Over time, it acquires the mind, and can manifest itself in the physical world.

As a rule, a poltergeist is formed in a residential area where negative incidents often occur, such as scandals, fights, drug and alcohol use. Occasionally he lives in other rooms filled with bad energy, such as offices and others. Also, an entity can be formed due to a curse and defacement that has been sent to a person and the whole family.

Often a poltergeist is tied to a certain place, for example, to an apartment, but there are cases when the spirit follows a particular person everywhere. In this case, the paranormal will haunt him wherever he goes. As a rule, the soul of the deceased, who experienced strong feelings for the persecuted person, was attached to a person. It is also possible that the "victim" of the noisy spirit itself is the cause of its formation. For example, if a person is very angry and practically consists of a negative, then an energy cloud forms around him. Under certain circumstances, in the room where this person is present, inexplicable things happen.

Only people with extrasensory abilities can see poltergeist. But if it has a high density, then the inhabitants of the house where a noisy spirit lives can see a kind of cloud. If the poltergeist is a restless soul, then it can manifest itself in the form of a human figure. Some eyewitnesses claim that they have seen monsters, strange creatures or deceased relatives, but in the opinion of parapsychologists this is just a “mind game”. In other words, the brain interpreted an energetic clot with familiar forms.

How does a poltergeist appear?

If there is a poltergeist in the house, it will manifest itself in the physical world as follows:

  • Strange sounds. People who live in the neighborhood with a noisy spirit often hear knocks, squeaks, footsteps, groans, gnash, whispers, groans, voices and other sounds that are not explained.
  • Move the items. Eyewitnesses of paranormal phenomena claim that they saw how objects themselves moved on the table surface or on the floor, fell from cabinets or bedside tables, opened doors, loosened a chandelier, or closed and opened doors and windows on their own. A poltergeist who has tremendous power can even hurl objects and cause physical damage to people.
  • Loss of things. It is believed that when any thing disappears, it is the intrigue of the brownie, but it is not rare that a poltergeist appears in this way. Missing items are in the most unusual places. It should be noted that some eyewitnesses claim that they not only lose their personal belongings, but also appear completely foreign objects.
  • Ignition. Spontaneous ignition of things in the house is the most dangerous manifestation of the noisy spirit, because it leads to great tragedies. Most often, articles made of paper, wood and fabric are ignited, but there have also been cases of people ignited when a poltergeist was tied to them. As a rule, such phenomena occur when there is someone in the room.
  • Unpleasant odors. Quite often, in a house where a poltergeist lives, people smell the smell of dampness, rot or corpse. In the place where the smell is most pronounced, there is an energy clot.
  • Wet spots. On the walls and ceiling, wet spots may appear without reason, which cannot be eliminated. Even if they are dried, they will appear again.
  • A sense of otherworldly presence. Those who are adjacent to the poltergeist, feel that someone is near, they feel someone's look, they always want to turn around. Some people claim they felt a breeze, as if someone had passed by.
  • Interaction with electrical appliances. Since a poltergeist is an energetic bunch, it can affect the operation of electrical appliances. In a house where a noisy spirit dwells, equipment often breaks down, light bulbs burn out, short circuits appear, sockets sparkle. In addition, sometimes the opposite situation is also observed - suddenly broken appliances that have long been out of service begin to work.

Poltergeist performs all actions in order to frighten others, but sometimes it can cause serious harm to a person. The most resonant case was the death of three people in Khakassia. Investigation of the case involved scientists from the Tomsk Institute, studying anomalous phenomena.

How to get rid of poltergeist?

Living in the same house with a poltergeist is not only creepy, but also dangerous, because it gradually becomes stronger, and its actions turn from pranks into a real threat to life. Having noticed paranormal phenomena in your apartment, you need to immediately take steps to cleanse it. Unfortunately, in this case, the Orthodox methods will not help. Moreover, they can harm, because energy essence just get angry. To banish poltergeist, it is recommended to do the following:

  • To swear. According to old legends, otherworldly forces are afraid of the mat, therefore, as soon as it manifests, it must be "firmly" scolded and chased. From the first time, the noisy spirit may not go away, so profanity should be used every time strange things happen in the house.
  • Fumigate the apartment. If there are feather or down pillows in the house, on which households sleep, then from each of them you need to remove the filler, fold it into a metal pot, set it on fire, and smoke all the rooms with smoke. In the absence of such pillows, you can use basil, wormwood, lavender or St. John's wort.
  • Get rid of old stuff. As you know, old things have their own special energy, and it is not always good. They can be the cause of poltergeist. It is recommended to take out all the old things from the apartment.

Since the emergence of an otherworldly force can be connected with damage or a curse, we need to remember when it all began. Perhaps it was at that moment that one of the family members found some thing on the street, under the front door, or even in the pocket of their clothes. The find must be burned, and the apartment should be consecrated after that.


  • Poltergeist can be both an energetic clot and a restless soul.
  • The otherworldly force is usually not visible, but it is manifested by strange sounds, the movement of objects, the disappearance of things, the ignition of interior objects.
  • Poltergeist should be disposed of immediately, because Over time, it becomes more powerful and can carry danger for others.