Dream interpretation

What dreams about the stairs in the dream book


To find out why the staircase is dreaming, first remember how it was - cast iron or wooden, rope or stone. Did you climb up it or go down the stairs? Every detail matters. And then read the interpretations that I have selected in this article.

Dream Alphabet

Climb the stairs - to achieve a long-established goal. Everything you have done in the past will produce results, and you will come to success. But if in a dream you went down the stairs, then at the last moment you will lose everything.

Another interpretation:

  1. Feeling dizzy, climbing the fire escape - people trust you, because you always keep your word. And to help you everyone will consider it an honor. Continue in the same spirit.
  2. The big rope ladder - you will spontaneously start some kind of business that you don’t understand at all. And against all odds, it will end with great profit for you, and the results will exceed all expectations.
  3. Climb the rope ladder - you often show vanity and are very proud. These qualities hinder your love and can lead to real shame. If you want to build a happy and harmonious relationship, these shortcomings will have to be abandoned.
  4. The staircase, which rests on the wall of the house - a warning, in the near future you should be wary of people, because among them there may be those who encroach on your property. High probability of theft.
  5. Falling down the stairs is being dominated by a strong and passionate feeling that you cannot resist. Love will suddenly come suddenly and turn everything in your life upside down.
  6. The ladder breaks beneath you - better do not plan anything and stay at home, because every business you start will end in complete failure. Circumstances are against you, and they will not be able to resist
  7. Repair the stairs - you will find yourself in a difficult situation and will rely on the help of a close friend. He, instead of supporting, will betray and aggravate even more. This event will plunge you into real despair. It will take time to recover from your experiences.
  8. To carry the ladder - you are an energetic and active person, and it will be noticed by people who will then make you an advantageous offer. Do not miss the opportunity, because it can make you a truly successful person.
  9. If the staircase led to the sky, you can be congratulated. You are really lucky, because fate sent you a tremendous amount of luck and luck. Therefore, all your desires will be easily fulfilled, do not forget just to formulate them correctly.
  10. Stepladder - you have to make a difficult choice. You will need to either hurt your loved one by telling the truth, or lie to preserve a good relationship and not harm her.
  11. Escalator - to positive change, provided that you go up. If you go down, the changes will be frightening and will bring with them a lot of bad.

Dream Miller

Ladder symbolizes moving forward, achieving goals, financial wealth and fulfillment of desires.

Here are the psychological interpretations of Gustav Miller:

  1. A beautiful and very wide staircase - you have every chance of becoming a rich and successful person, a sought-after specialist and a famous person. It remains to choose only the sphere for self-realization, and begin to act actively.
  2. Climb the stairs - in the future you will not expect anything other than absolute and unconditional happiness. You will be rich, loved, live all your life surrounded by close people, doing the work that you like.
  3. Fall from the stairs - you will become jealous and this will add to the number of detractors. Emotions of some will come to real hatred. But the enemies are not able to seriously harm you, so you should not worry. The only advice - try to talk less about their success in unfamiliar companies.
  4. Going down the stairs - you should not go on dates soon and try to find a soul mate. In love, you will complete failure. Now you have a good time for a career, and leave the novels for later.
  5. See a lot of people who go up the stairs - you are mired in an idle life and are in the eternal search for pleasure. But it will end soon. There will be an unpleasant event that will bring a lot of problems. And you have to solve them as quickly as possible.

Dream loft

The ladder symbolizes the path that leads a person to success. If he chooses the right path, he will be able to reach any heights, get access to material benefits, which other people can only dream of.

People often dream about falling to the stairs. And in this case it means that, having gained access to material goods, you can lose luck and luck. And therefore it is necessary to make a tremendous amount of effort to keep the wealth that has fallen on your head.

If you find yourself in a dream in a situation where the stairs are needed urgently and you cannot do without it, then in reality you constantly lack money. No matter how much you earn, you are always short. And this happens only because you limit yourself, not allowing you to receive more material goods from the world.

But if in a dream you take off from a ladder and move away towards the sky, you can only be glad for you. You will receive money in such quantity that you will stop thinking about it at all, and you will also have enormous luck.