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Compatibility of Aries and Scorpio - no chance for happiness


Compatibility of Aries and Scorpio, from the point of view of astrologers, is under great doubt. These are signs with different parities in the zodiacal table, and their elements are not combined. This is the union of "boa" and "rabbit", in which one side always suffers. Let's talk about whether there is a chance to stay together and build a happy relationship.

Compatibility in love

At the beginning of a relationship, it seems to both of them that they have a lot in common. These zodiac signs are greatly influenced by powerful, belligerent martian energy. Both partners are impulsive, temperamental, hot-tempered and difficult to compromise.

Despite the similarity of characters, their union does not promise to be happy. Constant falling into extremes is very destructive for a couple. And if at the beginning of the relationship can still develop well and calmly, after a few months, calm will be replaced by violent scandals and clarification of the relationship.

The elements of Fire and Water combine little, so it is difficult for Aries and Scorpio to get along together. Together, this couple turns into a destructive tandem, which negatively affects themselves in the first place.

They most often enter into a relationship because Scorpio asked for help, and Aries easily found a solution. And further, at the initial stage, both receive much needed support from each other.

However, over time it becomes clear that the inner world of Scorpio is too complicated for Aries. But then the latter begins to seem primitive to its partner, especially emotionally.

And conflicts begin, the reasons for which are in the next section of the article.

Causes of conflict

There are important points that partners need to consider if they want to build a really happy relationship.

What can be the reason for the quarrels in the union of Aries and Scorpio:

  1. Passion will pass quickly, but domestic problems will remain. Aries’s rudeness will cause resentment and depression, and Scorpion’s depressions and experiences will accumulate, he will keep anger, and sooner or later he will throw it all out, provoking a powerful scandal.
  2. Scorpio considers Aries emotionally primitive. In fact, he is just very straightforward, he does as he feels, preferring to live emotions at once, rather than delving into all sorts of shades of the experiences of his delicate sense companion of life.
  3. Scorpions can be both family-mad and seeking to maintain relationships at any cost, as well as collectors of broken hearts. And in fact, and in another case, they are able to easily demolish the difficult character of Aries for a long time. But sooner or later, the cup of patience will overflow, and Scorpio at one point will break the relationship. In this case, it is important for his partner to be able to restrain himself in critical moments.
  4. This couple can be quite tolerable for a long time together. At the same time, they will begin to make loud scandals, both at home and in public, not caring about the opinions and condemnations of others. Reconciliation is usually no less turbulent and occurs most often in the bedroom. But passion does not solve their problems, which are piling up like a snowball.
  5. Scorpio outwardly will pretend to forgive the chosen one for the offenses caused, but in his soul for a long time zatit malice. And then, in moments of weakness Aries will hit the sore points, managing to touch the quick.
  6. Even if these people do not meet, but interact as friends or partners, there will be no less problems. Aries wishes to dominate, and Scorpio refuses to obey, because the role of its head attracts no less.
  7. No one notices and remembers the mistakes of Aries as Scorpio. In a relationship, it is he who is the main critic that the partner perceives extremely painful. This is also one of the reasons for the constant quarrels.

We summarize: this couple is one of the most problematic from the point of view of zodiacal compatibility. But they have a chance to be together, if Scorpio learns to immediately talk about their grievances and experiences, do not keep evil. And Aries will try to temper his temper and violent temper.

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Aries woman and Scorpio man

This girl beckons with her bright appearance, no less bright character and great ambition. Almost always she bathes in the rays of male attention, got used to it and takes it for granted.

She knows her worth, so she chooses the best: strong and successful, who managed to show originality in the courtship of men. Scorpio, in turn, can find a truly non-standard approach to the heart of the chosen one and make the right impression on her.

Although he doesn’t have to try too much - the passion between them arises almost immediately, and the woman rushes into the pool with her head, feeling this incredible pull.

At the beginning of the relationship will be interesting. This is a game of two temperamental personalities that intrigues both. But when the romantic fervor begins to fade away, the man, as a rule, loses interest and dreams of escaping from the relationship.

If the union still turns out to be saved, Scorpio will become too important to attach to minor problems that the Aries girl simply does not notice. He will save up offenses, and sooner or later he will turn them all out, and he will leave completely.

Aries man and Scorpio woman

The main goal of a man is to be successful in business and gain recognition in society. He sets clear goals and achieves them in all possible ways. He strives to give a lot to the world, because he knows - you give more, you get more.

These qualities attract a Scorpio woman who respects her companion and appreciates him one hundred percent. She may not be in love, but she will surely see the material prospects, which may make her want to say yes.

These relationships can be long term. But this is more of a marriage of convenience (on the part of Scorpio), rather than of love. The girl knows how to attract Aries, skillfully manipulates them. It will give the impression that it was he who conquered it. Therefore, Aries will appreciate it and consider it the greatest achievement of his life, although in fact the initiative was for the sly Scorpio girl.