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Horoscope for Leo on January 2018 - Finance and Health


What to expect Leo from the beginning of 2018? Although the time of the red rooster is not over yet, the yellow dog has already noticed the energetic representatives of the fire element and is ready to rush to their aid. Consider a horoscope for Lviv on January 2018 in detail. What should the royal ladies face in the new year cycle? What are the prospects for a love and family front, in business and health?

General trends

Lions are attractive because of their hot temperament and exceptional naivety of perception of the world - they believe in miracles! The dog likes such gullibility, and she is able to bestow her favorites with various gifts and surprises. Changes in destiny will begin immediately in the month of January, and in all spheres of vital interests! However, you should not try to prove your worth, you just need to work and achieve results.

Literally in mid-January, a tempting offer may come in promising lucrative prospects. Do not rush to immediately give an affirmative answer - weigh the pros and cons.

Stars do not advise making grandiose plans in January, as the results will have to wait a long time.

Better save your strength for more favorable times. Already in spring, fate will open up broad prospects for business communication. And in January, the Lions can smile winning the lottery - do not miss the chance.

An adequate option would be a joint vacation with your half or your family in a cozy corner of nature or in a boarding house. The journey will bring spiritually close people and give them unforgettable moments of joy.

Love and family

In January it will be difficult for lonely lions to beat off their fans - so many new meetings and acquaintances were prepared for them by fate. The main thing is to keep calm, so that the head does not become dizzy with a string of vivid impressions. Rely on intuition, listen to the voice of your heart. Take a closer look at the familiar surroundings - you will surely notice in him a congenial person to whom you did not pay attention.

Stars are advised to take the initiative and smile towards fate. Women can change the image, for example, repaint hair in a different color. The change of image always attracts a change in destiny. The second half awaits you in this harsh winter month and is ready to give the warmth of your heart. Do not give in to negative feelings of disappointment with former partners - fate always has surprises, and it will present them exactly this January.

Do not let depression take hold of your thoughts, better open your heart to a new love.

Family Lions will feel a new influx of tender feelings for their half - so the stars ordered. You will discover previously unknown character traits in a partner, and this discovery will pleasantly surprise you. The Full Moon on January 31 will be held exactly in Leo, so use this time to good advantage - forgive your offenders, open your heart to a new wave of positive emotions and just trust the angel of fate. Let everything old burn and you will be reborn in the new sensations of life.


This year the financial surge is expected in mid-spring, so January will pass quietly and unnoticed. Be patient and just do your job conscientiously. You need to be able to keep cool in all circumstances and to tirelessly move towards the target.

In January, ill-wishers can activate, so stay alert and do not relax.

Stars are not advised to carry out any financial transactions - to take out a loan, to lend, since you risk losing your savings and be left with nothing. Loans also represent a risk zone, just listen to the advice of the stars. It is better to save money, and in case of their lack find a side job.

In January, Leo will be able to find sources of additional profit, and after a while it will be possible to reap the fruits of his own activities.

Fate will acquaint Lviv with the right people who will tell the way to success. However, note for yourself two unfavorable days, in which no responsible decisions can be taken - this is the full moon time of the 2nd and 31st numbers. On the new moon of the 17th, too, do not schedule important meetings and negotiations. At this time, emotions are difficult to restrain within the bounds of decency, therefore an unfavorable outcome of a business conversation is possible.


The winter months always carry with them colds or complications of chronic ailments, so caution in everything is simply necessary. However, the stars delight Lviv - January will not bring serious ills. Rest more, do not burden the psyche with too turbulent emotions. Spend more time sleeping at night so that the body has time to recover.

Do not forget that positive emotions act on the body better than the most powerful antibiotics, so look for an opportunity to be filled with pleasant impressions. The Solar Lion is disturbed by the circulatory system, so prevent pressure spikes from medicinal herbs or homeopathic remedies.

However, rest should also be moderate, otherwise a permanent rest on the couch can end in depression. A subscription to a swimming pool can fix a lot - water relieves stress well and gives vigor to body and spirit. Doing something you love can help pacify thoughts and calm the soul. If emotions are boiling inside, they can be a little soothing soft drinks. The main thing is not to bring yourself to the crisis by our own efforts.

Horoscope for kids

January will bring a lot of impressions and feelings to the Lionat babies, as they are highly dependent on the praise of the people around them. If the child is not praised at rehearsals or was ignored at the festival, he will arrange a whole stream of tears at home. Parents should be sympathetic to the features of the manifestation of the character of a royal child and try to console him in every possible way, and not scold him for tearfulness.

Also, parents will face another problem - the reluctance to enter into a working rhythm after the winter holidays. You need to patiently explain to the kid that school lessons should be treated responsibly. Convince the child that his talents require constant development, praise for taking the initiative. Remember that it is the parents who form the character of the little person and do not hope for the correct school education.