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What wolves dream about dreaming


What do wolves dream about and what does a similar dream promise in the future? Often these animals symbolize detractors and enemies who plot against you. Therefore, a dream can warn of danger. Read the article to find out.

Ancient dream book

The wolf symbolizes cruelty and ferocity, anger and greed. Therefore, if you see a similar dream, you should beware of enemies in your environment.


  1. A wolf on the hunt - you will find yourself in a difficult situation and will rely on the support of loved ones. But they will refuse to come to the rescue, so you will have to cope with the problems yourself.
  2. If the wolf did not succeed in catching the prey, then the goal to which you aspire is not realized. You should not spend energy on it, think better, and if you are on the right path. Perhaps you need something completely different.
  3. Watch the wolf from the top of the mountain - you will find yourself in a difficult situation, which at first seems hopeless. But you can find a solution and not only avoid problems, but also get benefits for yourself.
  4. A wolf walking in a green meadow promises the actions of enemies aimed against you. Detractors who had never shown themselves and harbored insidious plans, only now will begin to show themselves. However, you will be the winner thanks to your quick-wittedness, intelligence and enterprise.
  5. A wolf waiting for prey near a grazing flock of sheep - in reality, you put a tremendous amount of effort to resist evil and injustice. But all your actions are in vain, you will not be able to prevent something that has long been predetermined from happening.
  6. The wolf drinks water - in your environment there is a foe who you consider to be a friend. He is playing a dishonest game, although he seems very sincere. Be alert and attentive to communication with people. Think of who the entourage may be a traitor.
  7. A wounded animal dreams of changing opinions about a person whom you considered an enemy. You have heard only bad things about him, but in reality you have to be surprised. This is the case when from hate to love and faithful friendship is just one step.
  8. A wolf that kidnapped a child - in real life, you often do not fulfill the promises that you give to people. Also spend words talking about your goals that you never achieve. It's time to leave idle talk and show what you are worth, actions.
  9. Wolf barking - you are unjustly accused of an unseemly act and sentenced. To justify and restore a good name, it will take a large amount of time. Be patient.

Dream Miller

Miller considers the psychological component of human dreams. His predictions help to know the whole essence of his own unconscious.

Here are his interpretations:

  1. To see a wolf - among your colleagues there is a person who treats his duties in bad faith, and you suffer because of this. You should trust him less and deal only with your work duties.
  2. Kill an animal - your enemies will be active, wanting to harm you. But you can resist them and find yourself in a better situation. As a result, detractors will be defeated, and you will enjoy the victory.
  3. Hear the howl of the wolf pack - you will become the person who exposes a major conspiracy to harm your loved one. As a result, you will receive great gratitude and will acquire a faithful ally.

Dream loft

A wolf paired with a fox is a sign that an open confrontation will begin between you and the old enemy. If earlier you kept a polite neutrality, then you will not be able to hold back any more.

The black wolf is a symbol of a werewolf man who wears a mask of friendliness, and in fact is your enemy. For many years he was beside you, weaving cunning intrigues and preventing you from achieving your goals.

A wolf in a red cap - you will find yourself in a difficult situation, because of which your reputation can be seriously affected. This will happen because you trust a person who does not deserve your attention.

A wolf in sheep's clothing is the personification of meanness and treachery. It should be attentive to every person with whom you communicate, so as not to become a victim of treacherous betrayal.

To feed the animal from the hands - a person who in the past has brought you a lot of troubles will be severely punished. He will be seriously ill and will eventually die, and you will be able to fully recover with the vengeance to the fullest.

A snarling and aggressive wolf is an auspicious sign that says that you are much stronger than all your detractors, enemies and envious. Whatever they do, you are always one step ahead.

A wolf that howls at the moon symbolizes loneliness. You will remain without a couple for a long time. It is possible that you do not know true love at all. And the reason for the failures in your personal life is that you and yourself have not yet learned how to love yourself.

Dying animal - in life you feel defenseless, often suffer and complain about life. In return, you receive only trouble from fate. If you want to find happiness, you should learn to think and act from the perspective of positive thinking.

A pack of wolves - to an unpleasant conversation with the head, which may end in your dismissal. Some misconduct will be known if you do not want to lose your job, try to find the right words and convince the authorities to make a decision in your favor.

The statue of the wolf - soon you will meet a man whom you truly love. You will have a happy family, a sea of ​​love and understanding.