Dream interpretation

The meaning of the militant name Igor - career, love, character and destiny


The name Igor in the Scandinavian language means "protected by the god of abundance", "successful", "secured". From the Norwegian language, the name translates as “archer”; in ancient Norway, they called apt shooters or babies, if they wanted an excellent shooter to grow out of them. From Norway, the name Igor fell into England, where it became associated with the word "militant."

Igor's pronunciation in other countries: in Belarus - Igar, in Bulgaria - Igor, in Latvia - Igors, in Iceland - Igvar.

The diminutive form of the name: Igor, Igorek, Gosha, Igorushka, Goshka, Bitter, Igorka.

According to the church calendar, Igor celebrates his name day twice a year:

  • June 18 - the date of transfer of the relics of Igor of Chernigov and Kiev, Grand Duke.
  • October 2 is the date of death of Igor of Chernigov and Kiev, the Grand Duke, who was killed by the rebels in 1147.


The character of Igor depends on the time of year of birth:

  • Winter - Narcissistic, conceited, temperamental, emotional, unforgiving.
  • Spring - Just, proud, attentive, fastidious, sincere.
  • Summer - Unreliable, frivolous, unpredictable, capricious, unsociable.
  • Autumn - Secured, selfish, intelligent, intelligent, demanding.


Little Igor combines both positive and negative qualities of character. He can be inquisitive, emotional, active, independent, but at the same time disobedient, capricious, hooligan, unwilling to accept refusals, insisting on his own. Often they are offended by adults when they do not fulfill his requests. They can throw a tantrum with felting on the floor in the store, demanding to buy this toy. Fortunately, these tantrums by the age of five pass when the child becomes more judicious. Does not always get along with the guys, can be offended by them if they have not accepted his conditions of the game.

In adolescence, Igor changes, is able to control his emotions, touchiness, but sometimes breaks down. In order to achieve something, to avoid punishment, or to please someone, Igor often resorts to lies. Igor notices that he is in many ways lucky, so he relies more on luck than on his own strength, which often does not lead to anything good. Due to the lack of perseverance, Igor learns moderately, there are not enough stars from the sky. Igor, who has a musical ear, will be useful to learn to play any musical instrument. Often they come talented musicians and singers.

Adult Igor becomes self-confident and overly demanding both to himself and to others, in return he becomes a devoted friend to them, not throwing them into trouble. Strives for excellence and power, tries to be better than others, loves when his successes are noticed and praised. Able to charm the interlocutor with eloquence, fair, benevolent, has pride, loving, fine manners and attractive charisma. It is dangerous for Igor to give unlimited power, as he can become a complete despot and destroy relations with friends and relatives.


As a child, Igor has good health, and tolerates illness easily. He does not like to visit doctors and take medicine, it is often impossible to persuade him to take a pill. As an adult, such an attitude to medicine adversely affects Igor, he can start his illness very much.


Igor has an incredible sense of purpose. His dream is to open his own business. If he failed the first time, he will try again and again, each time trying different methods until he succeeds. Thanks to this approach, Igor will make an excellent engineer who does not pass before difficulties. And also it will make a good coach, teacher, worker, lawyer, actor, musician.

He has a keen mind and an excellent memory, he can memorize a long text and retell it word for word or more simple, understandable to the people, words. The boss from Igor will be demanding, despotic, purposeful, always seeking his own. Slave with him will not be easy. In his youth, Igor may feel a lack of finances, but in adulthood he will learn to save money and can make a good fortune for his old age.


Igor, who has attractive charisma and aristocratic manners, easily conquers the opposite sex. With them, he is cold in communication, discreetly courting, but they feel from him the sexual energy, which he successfully justifies. He cannot find his woman for a long time, because he is attracted to bright, active and emotional women, but he cannot get along with them. He is calm with a soft, pliable and quiet woman, but she quickly becomes boring to him, and again Igor is drawn to the flighty women. And Igor rushes back and forth. Not every girl can stand it for a long time due to its insecurity and windiness. Practically all the love stories of Igor are short and bright.


Igor usually gets married late when he feels that he is ready for the family. The wife chooses a calm, economic and reliable woman, for whom the family will always be in the first place, which will not challenge his leadership. Igor tries not to get involved with a woman older than himself. His wife, Igor, can sometimes wind up her nerves with her flimsy, non-binding, wild jealousy, but she will feel protected with him. He may occasionally change his wife, but he will never leave her. Igor is madly in love with children, he can change a diaper for a baby, calm the roaring child, play outdoor games with him, watch a cartoon together. Even in divorce, she continues to take care of children, takes them to her for the weekend and attends events with them.

Compatible with female names


  • Excellent: Elizabeth, Christina, Zlata, Svetlana, Polina, Alice, Veronika, Ekaterina, Alesya, Barbara, Arina, Milan, Margarita, Olesya.
  • The bad ones: Julia, Natalya, Angelina, Elina, Valeria, Yana, Nadezhda, Diana, Anastasia, Uliana, Angelina, Xenia.


  • The planet Mars.
  • Name color - Blue.
  • Season - Summer.
  • Happy day of the week - Wednesday.
  • Lucky number is 6.
  • Metal - Tin.
  • Gemini.
  • Element - Air.
  • Totem animal - Bullfinch.
  • Plant - Daisy.
  • Tree - Hornbeam.
  • Mineral talisman - Beryl.

Famous people named Igor