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Angel Day (name day) Arseny on the Orthodox Church calendar


The church calendar, popularly known as saints, is a huge book of memory in which the names and church ranks of the saints honored by our faith are carefully collected. Having honored our personal patron, we not only ask heaven for protection, but also join the two thousand years of church exploits, giving thanks to all those who have dedicated themselves, and even those who have given their own lives for the glory of Christ.

All dates of the name Arseny


  • December 3 (or November 20, if the old style). On this day they celebrate Arseny Dmitriev, hegumen, martyr (he was killed, consecrated to church), a new martyr (this word means that the name of this saint was glorified very recently - from the 90s of the 20th century).
  • 26 (old style - 13) December. Named St. Rev. Arseni ilk in Latre (lived in the 8th century).
  • February 1 (or January 19, old style). On this day, Orthodox Christians honor the Archbishop of Arsenius, a saint who lives in the 8th century.
  • February 28 (or 15). Rostov Metropolitan Arseny, martyr (died relatively recently - in 1772).


  • March 15 (or 2). Tver Bishop, St. Arseny. This is our Russian saint. He died in 1409.
  • May 12 (old style on April 29). On this day, another Russian saint is honored, Bishop Arseny of Suzdal, the saint.
  • May 21 (or 8). A special day on which Christians praise three holy Arsenies at once: the Great (died in Rome in the middle of the 5th century), Kiev-Pechersk, the Russian saint, also known as the Hardworking (rested in the 14th century; pilgrims can worship his relics resting in Far caves); Novgorodsky (another Russian saint who died at the end of the 6th century).


  • 25 (or 12) of June. The “angel” of this day is Arseny Konevsky, the reverend, a Russian saint, who lives at the beginning of the 15th century.
  • A rolling holiday without a clear date: 1st Sunday after July 12th (or June 29th old style). Russian saint, Tver Bishop Arseny, prelate.
  • July 25 (or 12). Russian saint, Reverend Arseny of Novgorod (died in the second half of the 16th century).


  • September 6 (August 24 old style). Angel Day of Arseny Komelsky, Russian Reverend (joined his soul with God in 1550).
  • September 10 (or August 28). The Russian Rev. Arseny of Pechersk, also known as the industrious.
  • September 12 (or August 30). The “angel” of this day is Arseny of Serbia, saint, archbishop.
  • November 10 (October 28). Memorial Day of the same saint.
  • November 19 (5). Arseny Troitsky, martyr, new martyr (his name began to be glorified in the 90s of the 20th century).

When to celebrate - really in each of these days? Not! If the birth of the boy fell on one of these dates, it will be his angel's day. If not, you need to select the date located in the calendar closest to the day of his birth, and consider it her name day of Arsen.

Church form name and its origin

Arseny: like most old church names, it came from Greek. Translated means "mature", "courageous."

Another form of this name is also known: Arsentiy. She is a bit outdated, but it is she who is still reflected in the form of the middle name (yes, we often say Arsenovich - but more often Arsentevich, Arsentevna).

What fate, character has the carrier of this name?

Character. This is a great thinking person who truly believes that silence is gold. Arsen is not a leader, but a team player. He will rarely become a good entrepreneur, because he does not like competition (she knocks him out of her mind). He is good-natured, calm, quiet, a little shy.


  1. Childhood. This is a real golden child, kind and quiet. The kid is very sensitive and vulnerable, so you should not joke about it.
  2. School. He is very diligent, brings the best grades, does not fight with the guys, and does not even quarrel much. He is open and sociable, but his best friends are not very many.
  3. Youth. She adores animals, can ask a puppy for a long time. True, parents need to be prepared for the fact that they will have to walk it themselves. The guy is a little selfish, does not like to obey commands and even advice.
  4. Mature years. Often Arsen becomes a collector, and first of all he is attracted by antiquities. A good profession for him is medicine, cooking, engineering, architecture, jurisprudence, sports (and it will not be an athlete like a coach), and also worship.


  • A rock. Amethyst.
  • The color of the name. It is quite rare - red and lilac. However, it is precisely such colors that amethysts often come across.
  • The best sign of the zodiac. There are a lot of them: Gemini, Virgo, Leo, Pisces, Aquarius.

Ideal combinations with female names: Alla, Aza, Ada, Diana, Zina (or Zinaida), Lada, Lyudmila.

More about the most famous saints bearing the name of Arsenius

  1. Rev. Arseny of Pechersk (Hardworking). This saint lived tirelessly: not a single monk saw him sitting idle, he either performed prayer or practiced monastic obedience. Through his efforts, as well as through strict fasting, he earned God's grace in the form of the gift of miracles.
  2. Arseny Komelsky. He grew up in a noble family, but soon became a monk and began to confess renunciation of all worldly goods, including strict fasting. He became an igumen, but later went to the Komel Forest, where he spent his days in silent prayer. It is known that this monk prayer could pacify any wild beast.
  3. Arseny of Novgorod, Christ for the Foolish. He was born in the town of Rzhev, at first bore the name Ambrose, was engaged in leather dressing. His mother forced him to marry, but after a while he left the house and his spouse, went to Novgorod, where he took monastic vows and founded a monastery. There in every way he killed his flesh (including wearing chains, iron chains under his old clothes), he tearfully prayed. Received from the Lord the gift of perspicacity.

And at the end, we propose to learn about the life of the most famous saint bearing this name - Arseny the Great, the reverend. This young man from a noble Roman family glorified himself by monastic feat and silence (although all the numerous pilgrims received his blessing and wise advice):