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Compatibility Scorpios in love


Compatibility Scorpions, according to astrologers, is considered unfavorable. Their union is the immature relationship of two similar people. They see their own shortcomings in the partner, which becomes the source of all problems. We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

According to some astrologers, water signs get along well with each other. But in the case of the union of two Scorpions, this rule does not work. They have to constantly check the relationship for strength, endlessly tune in to each other.

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. They duplicate not only the virtues, but also the weaknesses of the partner, reflected in it, as if in a mirror. And who likes to see their own, not always a pleasant reflection? Because of this - constant criticism, claims, demands and discontent.
  2. Scorpions of nature are unpredictable and want to see the same unpredictability in a partner. But, since they are very similar, and they understand a partner as themselves, they can quickly become bored. The lack of emotions they can try to fill on the side. And there are positive emotions, because there is more than a negative in their relationship.
  3. They are capable of demonstrating almost perfect relationships with people. Ambient may not know what passions seethe in this pair. Both want to be in the spotlight and constantly compete, fighting for leadership in the pair. Yield no wish.
  4. Both believe in astrology and consider their zodiac sign to be the best. Therefore, they can decorate themselves with amulets and talismans, make tattoos with the sign of Scorpio. This unites them and allows you to always find many topics for conversations.
  5. By choosing a partner, they are quite frivolous. Therefore, they think about whether a person who is close to them suits them at all, only after a long time. This moment usually comes very late, when both have already broken wood and arranged for each other many checks.
  6. Both understand: it is very difficult for them to live together. But they do not dare to leave for quite a long time. They refuse to admit that all the negative they broadcast to each other is necessary for them.
  7. Both do not know what they want from relationships and life in general. Therefore, it is also difficult for them together.

Summarize: predict the fate of the relationship of the two Scorpions is quite difficult. If they are young and inexperienced, then the novel is unlikely to last. But more mature and experienced partners can live together happily ever after, if they love each other and want to work on relationships.

Causes and sources of conflict

Very often, especially at a young age, the relationship between Scorpios immediately begins with a position: we are so unique and complex natures that we cannot tolerate each other for a long time. Further life fully justifies these expectations.

What can cause conflicts in the union of these two characters:

  1. Both have a high self-esteem. Therefore, everyone considers himself a better partner, seeks to constantly teach and control. This is their big mistake. They should learn to cooperate, not argue. To seek compromises, and not to defend only your own opinion with foaming at the mouth.
  2. Before building love, they need to try to make friends. Only when they reach spiritual closeness can we talk about happiness and harmony. If this does not happen, they will part as soon as the fervor of the initial passion subsides.
  3. If they do not find common points of contact, it will be extremely difficult to be together. Any, even the most vivid emotions will pass with time. And if there are no common interests and goals, both will get bored and will want to end the relationship.
  4. They need some kind of lofty goal, to which they will go together. Only this will save their relationship from the constant quarrels and quibbles. Then they together can solve any problems and achieve great success in life.
  5. It is a great pleasure for both of them to check the partner’s resilience. They will constantly provoke their chosen one to jealousy, in every way attracting the attention of the opposite sex. They are not going to change it, but this behavior can completely kill the trust in the pair.
  6. Especially Scorpios do not like being compared to someone, talking about the virtues of other people. This can lead to serious jealousy scandals. Both can hold a huge anger and begin to come up with a cunning plan for revenge.

Until they learn to hear each other, do not stop arguing and clashing, there is no need to talk about the welfare of a couple. It is very important for them to make concessions, understanding that a partner is their mirror, which reflects not only their own merits, but also their weaknesses.

They are "spelled out" daily conversations, during which they will sort out all the problems, talk about their feelings and experiences. They also need to constantly show and prove their love to their chosen one. Then everything can turn out well.

Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man

Despite the same zodiac sign, the woman in this union has a more impulsive and unpredictable character. Sometimes he throws out such tricks that a man is not able to understand the motives of her actions.

She behaves in a sweet and calm manner, then begins to laugh loudly, then rolls up a tantrum. It makes a man go berserk. He never knows what to expect from his darling, which makes him angry and annoying.

A man in union with a woman of his sign shows the worst side of his nature. He constantly criticizes her, arranges a stormy showdown. Although paired with others is usually quite restrained and rational.

For him, this relationship is a real test of strength, which is rarely sustained. Constant duels and skirmishes make him quickly tired and think about breaking up.

This is a union of two manipulators who find it difficult to get along. Both sooner or later lose control and can do terrible things, causing each other tremendous pain.

If they marry, then after the wedding there will be a short period of calm. Calm them can only the birth of a child, but for a short time. It is better not to bring the matter to marriage at all, but to look for each more suitable second half.