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Dog and Bull Compatibility: Complex but Real Relationships


Esotericists believe that the compatibility of the Eastern horoscope is quite accurate and helps to identify weak aspects in the relationship in time and to work on them. In this material we will reveal to you how high the compatibility in a pair of Dog and Bull partners is.

Compatibility Description in the Alliance Bull and Dog

Compatibility in love between male partners Bull and girl Dog is rather problematic. In general, the spouses have enough common points of contact, but on the other hand, it is very difficult to cope with their differences, such individuals with great difficulty adapt to each other.

In addition, the Bull man is terribly annoyed and angry when they try to make him addicted and subordinate to his will. He aspires to prestige, money, power, and does not understand at all and does not accept the idealism of his companion, as well as her life position, sociability, and sometimes excessive friendliness. Therefore, the Bull man begins to criticize his girlfriend, which translates into another scandal.

In such a pair, the Bull partner needs to show sufficient flexibility or some alienation, and then they will be able to cope with the ever-doubting mind and cynical logic of the partner Dogs. Also, if he can appreciate the extent to which his partner is generous, open-minded, loyal, and allied, then most likely he will be able to get rid of his grievances and complaints, and in this case, the partnership can become quite successful.

Characteristics of the union of male dogs and bull girls

In this version, compatibility between people will also be ambiguous. This is due to the fact that the Dog and the Bull have very little similarity in their characters, plus they are not always ready to change their life position and do not want to adapt to their partner.

But at the same time, both members of the couple are very responsible, loyal and faithful, so that they still have a chance to create long-term happy relationships if they make some efforts to do this.

The Bull Girl will feel attracted to the man-dog, because next to him she feels loved and protected, plus he always supports her in difficult times. Such person aspires to possessiveness and is interested exclusively in stable family relations. And such a man just ideally fits the role of a reliable partner in life.

The main negative point that partners run the risk of is the excessive stubbornness of the Bull girl: she puts a lot of pressure on her lover. She is an excellent organizer and it is probably not difficult for a man-dog to accept her game, if this happens, the relationship will become more harmonious for both participants in the union.

For a relationship to be happy, the Dame-Bull must learn a lot about her partner and herself too. And a man-dog should show enough wisdom and wait until she herself comes to this. Then between lovers it is quite possible to reach a mutual understanding.

What will be the union of the girl-dog and male bull

Although partners have many differences, there are also many similarities, which, with a favorable scenario, will help build happy relationships. And the presence of differences is sometimes even useful, because it contributes to development.

During the first acquaintance, the Bull man will be fascinated by the girl-dog, he will be able to feel how she is filled with calm strength and love, and also wants to be around all the time. He seeks only to create a family, does not understand betrayal, and between the company of friends and his girlfriend, of course, chooses the second option. Girl-dog for him is the perfect candidate for the role of wife.

As for the fair sex, she can get everything she wants in this couple, provided she gives her man what he needs. Man-Bull shows high demands in terms of organizing family life - he always strives to maintain full order. From himself, he provides his woman financially and gives her a sense of confidence in the future.

Of course, lovers will be forced to make mutual concessions, compromises and must show respect for each other so that peace and harmony reign in the relationship.

Intimate Compatibility

Speaking about the sexual compatibility of the male Bull and the female Dog, it can be noted that it will be quite high. She will be able to give him the experience of such tender and deep feelings that he had never encountered before. She will first play with him, tease, but then give him real pleasure.

Joint pastime will be for both very interesting and enjoyable. It is also very important that they both use the bed only as a place for pleasure, and they will deal with other problems in life.

What difficulties might be encountered

It is unlikely that the pair of the Bull and the Dog will do without difficulties and problems, because the compatibility for marriage is somewhat doubtful.

The Chinese horoscope describes the Dog as an unusually active and self-sufficient sign, but being in a relationship with the Bull risks being in its shadow and losing its identity. Of course, the Dog is unlikely to be satisfied with such a state of affairs, therefore, he will direct all his strength to normalize the balance and put the raging Bull in place. It should also be noted that over-attention is an eternal difficulty in relationships, no matter how old they are.

Helps to cope with all the problems in such a union frank dialogue, as a result of which all emotions will be in the background.

It should be noted that finding a compromise is a difficulty for both partners, but especially for the Bull. The bull is distinguished by excessive temper and impulsivity. Often, in a conversation, he can raise the tone, trying to scare his partner in such a way or humiliate him - this is definitely a method of attracting attention, which allows you to understand how important this or that problem is for him.

How should a dog act? Under no circumstances should she indulge in the aggressive behavior of a partner. Indeed, in this version of development, the Bull will cease to value other people's feelings and will decide that he is the main one in a pair. It is enough that the Bull once felt in the lead role and it will be extremely problematic to return the harmony to the relationship (especially in the pair of the Woman-Bull and the man-Dog).

Recommendations for improving relationships

Compatibility between the male-bull and the girl-dog is far from perfect. But if real love exists between people and they want to work on relationships, then everything can be adjusted.

First of all, they both need to learn to listen and understand each other, respect each other’s interests and ideas, even if they do not seem to be the most appropriate. It must be remembered that true sincere feelings must be present in marriage. Then the family will reign peace with prosperity.

The Man-Bull should not forget that although the girl is a Dog and quite docile, but will not fully obey. Therefore, it can not be pressured. The surest solution to this situation - the conversation on the purity. It will help to dot the i's.

In addition, if the girl-dog can find out how it will be useful to the man-Bull, then the compatibility with partners will greatly improve. Classes can be anything: starting cooking your favorite dishes, before running a joint business. It is very important for the wife to become her spouse an irreplaceable adviser. After all, everyone knows that friendships in a couple are much more important than passion with sexual attraction.

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