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Juicy and bright orange color: what it tells us


Color therapy ascribes to each color its symbolic meaning, as well as the ability to influence the life of a person to some extent. Bright and rich orange - it is simply impossible not to notice, because it invariably attracts the attention of others. What value has the orange color: this material will tell you about it.

Symbolism of an orange shade

A bright and intense orange hue is personified with holiness and health. It is a symbol of vitality, positive emotions, warmth, courage, and it is also dry, warm and agitated in its characteristics.

Mages believe that the orange tone has great mystical power. Possessing a connection with the sphere of medicine, he not only contributes to the restoration of strength and activation of the flow of vitality, but also increases the will of the individual.

The described color is harmoniously combined with black. This combination will tell about heroism and courage. At the same time note that under no circumstances should the combination of orange and blue hues be allowed.

Astrologically orange personifies, of course, the main heavenly body - the Sun. Also has a close relationship with heat.

Studying Buddhist and other Eastern teachings, we find in them a mention of the saffron-orange robes of the clergy or monks, who acted as a symbol of renunciation and the ability to humble themselves.

Tantra, for example, finds in the orange energy center a tendency to ascend to the purest art. Immediately there is the likelihood of eliminating the following sins: passion, lust, greed, jealousy and others.

In Kabbalah, the orange tint symbolizes a gloss with glitter and gloss.

In general, the color of a ripe orange often personifies pleasure, luxurious life, positive emotions and flame.

How orange affects a person physically

  • By its influence, orange can excite a person. Not as powerful as red and therefore much more pleasant.
  • It helps to create a feeling of well-being and fun. However, in the case of long-term perception of orange, physical fatigue and dizziness occur.
  • Blood circulation is accelerated slightly, although this generally does not really affect blood pressure.
  • An insignificant increase in pulse and respiration is also possible.
  • Another orange shade most positive effect on the process of digestion. Contributes to increased appetite.

The value of the orange shade in psychology

Color therapy experts say that if a person’s favorite color is red-orange, it means that he loves experiencing. And as there is a constant lack of adventure, it tends to increase its activity.

Another orange blossom helps a person to open up and establish contacts with other people. Responsible for the attraction to natural acts (unconscious voluptuous and pleasant impressions).

On the color scale, orange is located in the middle of red and yellow. It is shown to be used in cases where it is necessary to heal children's apathy and anemia. It normalizes the erythrocyte counts and hemoglobin.

A rather curious psychological reaction to the orange hue was also noticed in those girls and women who suffered from overweight and lack of orgasm. They did not like the clothes of orange, yellow and red color, and at the same time they preferred the blue-green palette. When patients for therapeutic purposes were advised to use a warmer color gamut in their wardrobe - soon they were able to get rid of their troubling problems.

It was found and the effect of orange on the process of digestion. Although the shade also increases the appetite, after three or four weeks, the excess weight of patients practicing color therapy began to fade.

It was also possible to cope with the problem of lack of pleasure in bed with the help of color therapy. After all, sex life, ideally, is a combination of male and female energy. And the orange tint just the same and contributes to the unity between the male and female beginning.

If you put the subject, who recently had a satisfying lunch, in a room with an orange interior, this will greatly facilitate the work of his stomach. However, on the other hand, the color of orange can lead to stomach pain in some cases.

It is quite rare to meet "orange" children. They, along with "red" and "yellow" are distinguished by increased excitability, but at the same time their excitement does not find a way out. Such kids can play pranks, indulge, shout, not because something happened to them, but just like that, for no particular reason.

That is why an excess amount of orange is dangerous: then it turns into intrusive, unpleasant, annoying and devastating.

Among other things, the orange tint has a tonic effect and helps to facilitate the physical mental functions. It will help to cope with depression and physiological inhibition. It gives a person understanding and patience, and also - charges with the courage and strength that are needed to fight for life.

With the help of orange therapy, you can cure the spleen, kidneys, get rid of bronchitis, asthma, stones in the liver, paralysis, which have an emotional basis, are also eliminated.

Orange color in clothes

What does an orange tint in clothing tell you?

  1. Orange will tell about the activity of a person, his cheerfulness and unconventional thinking. Not everyone decides to dress in such bright and defiant attire. But wearing orange garments, you seem to be becoming a little sun, to which you want to appeal gently and kindly. There is no danger in this color.
  2. Orange tint is not suitable for everyone: it gives its preference to “reddish” shades of appearance (mainly autumn color type, for which peach or yellow skin, light red or copper curls are typical).
  3. It is necessary to choose a similar lipstick to the orange shade, it is not necessary that it fits perfectly under it, because otherwise it risks losing on the general background.

General description of the properties of orange

Orange color will tell about the activity and well-developed creative beginning. And besides, in psychology, he teaches to forgive others and will help people with low self-esteem to believe in themselves.

Orange is a wonderful antidepressant, not for nothing that it is with the help of its shades you can recover from nervous shocks.

You may have noticed that people who like this color are very friendly, always energetically filled, active and open to everything new.

Positive orange

If you are crazy about orange color, then, most likely, you are very cheerful, sensual, and still sociable and open. You are also distinguished by creativity, enthusiasm - that is, the sanguine temperament.

As a rule, psychologists recommend to seek help from the orange sports people and kids, because they constantly have to make different discoveries for themselves.

Negative properties of orange color

In addition to the positive aspects, it should be noted that psychologists have a term such as “negative assessment of an orange hue”. What does he tell us?

As you already understood, orange is associated with warmth and activity. But when a person spends his energy on some goal, then he needs some time to recover and get in shape. This is the period when you want to be lazy and do nothing. Dealing with him is quite difficult.

In addition, among the negative characteristics of individuals who like orange, can be called an extreme degree of pampered.

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