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What is the significance of repeating numbers on the clock?


People since antiquity noticed numerical coincidences and endowed them with different meanings. In this case, special attention was paid to the coincidence of numbers on the clock. Now, probably, it is not a secret to anyone that the time and date of the birth of a person can tell a lot about him. Therefore, if you often notice combinations of the same numbers, it is definitely worth considering. In this article we will reveal the features of the numbers on the clock.

What do the repeating numbers on the watch mean?

Vedic numerology is convinced that numbers have a very strong impact on each person. Do not underestimate their importance in our daily life.

Surely, you once had to see the same numbers on the clock, but you might not know that with the help of a special interpreter, it is really possible to learn the meaning of these numbers.

This is explained very simply - such coincidences are nothing more than a hint from your guardian angel, who thus tries to draw your attention to something. With this, he tries to contact you. Our heavenly defenders almost always know what to tell us.

And if you notice the coincidence of such a plan often enough - you should definitely give this moment your heightened attention. If the same number is repeated, the angel numerology will tell about its value.

In case the falling out numbers are different, they will tell about a very good intuition and a person’s ability to receive and correctly interpret prompts from the Higher Forces.

What does each number mean

Each of the numbers has its specific magic meaning and meaning. What does each number mean that you can regularly notice on the watch?

  • 1 - is an energy sign. If a person constantly sees units, it will tell about his heightened egocentricity, or, on the contrary, will indicate that you should be more engaged in self.
  • 2 - a symbol of moderation in emotional terms and in the question of relationships. The frequent appearance of twos in your life will indicate that it is necessary to engage in improving your character - to become softer and search for compromises in the current situation.
  • 3 - begin to often come across the eyes of those individuals for whom it is important to establish the correct life goals and guidelines. Also important for them are past, present and future thoughts.
  • 4 - this figure is associated with diligence. And if she began to look into your life often - start more practical to perceive different life situations and pay more attention to your own health issues.
  • 5 - symbolizes a craving for adventure and risk. The five will tell you that you should be more circumspect in life. Blind risk can cause serious losses.
  • 6 - is a peacekeeping sign, which indicates that you need to develop honesty, both in relation to people around you, and yourself.
  • 7 - this figure symbolizes success. If you regularly come across combinations with sevens on the clock - this is definitely a positive signal. The appearance of the sevens will tell that the person has all the chances of knowing the harmony of the world.
  • 8 - acts as a symbol of infinity, tells about the upcoming changes. When the number eight begins to occur frequently in your life - it is worth doing those events that require important decisions. At the same time, be very careful, as your actions today are able to influence the whole future life.
  • 9 - the figure is associated with development. And if she began to often dodge her eyes, it means that the Higher Forces want to show you that so many things in your life are repeated. And if you want to maintain further development - start to struggle with obstacles.

Find out what the different combinations of numbers on the clock mean.

Next we look at the interpretation of each of the most popular numerical combinations that can catch your eye when you look at the clock.

This is a kind of divination. To accomplish it, you will need to think about your innermost desire, and then look at the dial. It is forbidden to make wishes that can harm someone - you can not even try to conceive them, because they still will not be fulfilled.

Divination for the first half of the day

01:01 - this combination promises to receive good news from the opposite sex;

01:10 - what you started, unfortunately, will not be able to bring you the expected result;

01:11 - this combination promises to get a very profitable offer. The offer can be absolutely any, it is important that you receive it over the next 24 hours. And the rejection of it is highly undesirable;

02:02 - will forerun an invitation for a visit or for some other interesting event;

02:20 - today, more than ever, you need to learn to cope with your aggressiveness and not be led to provocateurs. Otherwise you risk to suffer greatly;

02:22 - the combination predicts to find out information that has been hidden from you for a long time;

03:03 - a positive combination that foreshadows great love;

03:30 - disappointment or reciprocity is foreseen;

03:33 - Index of good luck and success. Today will be incredibly happy for you;

04:04 - if something is really worrying you now and you are asking about it, the Universe advises you to consider an exciting question from a different angle. Then you will quickly find the right solution to the problem;

04:40 - a combination of a bad day;

04:44 - a reprimand from a boss is foreseen (a teacher or a senior relative may also be implied instead;)

05:05 - something bad is being done against you now. Your enemies are now activated, so you need to prepare for their possible dishonest wiles;

05:50 - now water and fire are dangerous for you. Therefore, keep all contacts with these elements to a minimum today;

05:55 - you will meet a very wise person;

06:06 - if you are in a state of loneliness, you can begin to rejoice, since such a combination of numbers promises a quick meeting of the second half and a wedding. And if you are already in a happy relationship - today your home will be visited by great luck;

07:07 - a man in uniform (most likely a military man) is dangerous for you;

08:08 - a great day for business issues, you solve them very successfully;

09:09 - remain vigilant so that nothing is stolen from you today. You need to watch your things very carefully and not take anything with you that is valuable;

10:01 - very influential personality will appear in your life very soon;

10:10 - the combination is a harbinger of change;

11:11 - Think about the fact that you are threatened by a possible dependence on a person or on a bad habit. The universe is trying to warn you that this may happen in the near future;

Characteristic figures in the second half of the day

12:12 - these days promise to be very successful in the matter of personal life for you;

12:21 - Meet with an interesting representative of the opposite sex;

13:13 - the enemies are now dangerous for you;

13:31 - promises the fulfillment of your innermost dreams;

14:14 - the combination is a harbinger of good luck in love affairs;

14:41 - the value is not very positive, such a combination is fraught with troubles;

15:15 - the numbers promise to get very valuable advice that can help you in this situation;

15:51 - start preparing for a stormy romance, which, however, promises to be short-lived;

16:16 - be attentive on the roads and in everything that concerns transport;

17:17 - Now you may be threatened with robbery or an attack by bullies. Therefore, make sure that today you do not stay on the street alone in the dark;

18:18 - foreseen danger concerning transport. Worth attentiveness;

19:19 - any undertakings and tasks that you will be engaged in today will certainly become successful;

20:02 - it is necessary to be afraid of internal family showdowns. All evening and all the next day, be as patient as possible and do not enter into provocations of your faithful or relatives;
20:20 - perhaps the beginning of a scandal within the family. Do your best to minimize the flash of negativity;

21:12 - now begins some new stage. As an option, it could be a pregnancy, or perhaps a change in the sphere of study, some new project;

21:21 - experiencing a passionate romance or the beginning of a positive period in the normalization of relations with your loved one;

22:22 - very soon life will give you a new acquaintance that will be important to you;

23:23 - the combination will tell about a dangerous connection;

23:32 - the emergence of problems in the field of health.

In general, it should be noted that the coincidence of numbers on the clock can be considered significant only in cases when you purely casually turn your eyes to them. And if you specially wait for a certain period of time to look at the dial, then this, of course, will not give the proper result.

Is the coincidence of numbers mysticism?

How can you trust the coincidence of numbers on the clock? Can numbers really affect human life so much?

If you delve into this topic, you will understand that each figure has a certain mystical meaning in every religion and country. For example, the notorious number "13", which terrifies people around the world. Residents of the United States of America are so afraid of this figure that they do not even have the thirteenth floor, and after the twelfth the fourteenth immediately follows.

But for some reason, the Koreans and the Japanese did not like the number "4" and for this reason they immediately followed the 3rd floor after the 5th floor. Italians are afraid of Friday the seventeenth. And the Spaniards are afraid of numbers 4 and 44. This list can last very, very long.

In this very large attention in numerology is given to the number 11. The inhabitants of ancient Babylon perceived the number 11 as well as we now perceive the number 13.

And Indian traditions say that there are eleven forms of the embodiment of the Divine responsible for the destruction, and the cycle of the Sun’s activity is exactly eleven years.

Researchers studying numerology have managed to blame the number 11 for a variety of misfortunes and misfortunes. They cite as an example the well-known tragedy that happened in America on September 11, 2001. Then two liners crashed into the skyscrapers. At the same time flight numbers were "seventy seven" and "eleven". And New York itself is located in the eleventh state of America. But even better, there were 92 people in one liner (that is, 9 + 2 = 11), and the number of passengers on the second liner was 65 (again, 6 + 5 = 11).

We can also mention about another tragedy that happened on April 11, 2011 in the subway in Minsk (Belarus). Then a bomb exploded there and only fifteen people died, and two hundred and three people were injured. If we calculate by the method of numerology, it turns out: two plus three plus one plus five equals eleven.

Also, speaking of the mystical role of numbers in human life, we can cite as an example the famous German composer, conductor and art theorist - Richard Wagner. In his life there were so many strange coincidences concerning numbers.

So let's start with the fact that the composer was born in 1813, if you add up all the digits of the year, you get the number "thirteen". For thirteen years, Wagner was in exile, he had written thirteen operas. In addition, he opened the theater on the thirteenth of August, and died on the thirteenth of February. Is it possible to say that all this is simply a coincidence or more mystical regularity?

What answer to this question you would not give, it is difficult to argue with the fact that the numbers still greatly affect our lives. After all, we are confronted with them all the time, and they have influenced us and will affect us regardless of whether we want it or not. The only question is that for each person there will be a significant number of signs that will periodically arise in his life, as is the case with the German composer.

And at the end of the topic we recommend watching an interesting thematic video material about the magic of numbers: