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Prayers from drunkenness and husband's alcoholism


Alcohol addiction can be called one of the worst disasters not only of a single family, but of the whole of modern society. Most often, a man who does not consider addiction to alcohol addiction and does not want to be treated suffers from alcoholism. The Orthodox Church refers drunkenness to the terrible sins to which demons incline the person to attack the soul. A woman can help her husband by turning to strong Orthodox prayers, but they need to be read with all my heart.

Alcoholism and the healing power of prayer

The result of alcohol abuse is the rapid degradation of the individual, not only physically, but also psychologically. The drinking person has a change of interests and life values, he becomes aggressive and angry, the drinking husband causes his wife and children to suffer. Alcoholics do not hear the pleas of their loved ones, do not want to start treatment. Even if they agree to be treated, often the therapy is powerless against the craving for alcohol.

The last salutary step for relatives of the sick is to turn for help to the Orthodox faith, the power of which prayers work wonders. The generally accepted symbol of alcoholism, which has long been represented by the green serpent, is associated with the Biblical character of the Serpent-tempter. According to legend, it was he who showed humanity the path to sin. To this day, people are reaping the fruits of the ancient temptation, and the indiscriminate drunkenness, which has ruined many human souls over the centuries, can be compared to epidemics.

It is important to consider that the price of alcoholism is the life of a drinker. In addition, the situation can be considered as punishment of the whole family, so all its members need to quickly get rid of sinful behavior.

Not only the alcoholic himself suffers from his pernicious addiction, he is tormented by his surroundings, so the wives of drinking men turn to the Lord for help against the demonic influence. Prayers from drunkenness are not only hope, but also the real help of the saints, to whom the sacred texts are addressed. After all, the man himself does not realize that he is sick, so the woman will read the prayer, and in order to receive help from the Higher Forces she will have to meet certain conditions.

What to do to get help

Without the observance of certain rules, even the strongest prayer or conspiracy from the binge will be powerless. The main condition for a prayer is that he must necessarily be baptized, and to start a prayer against the drunkenness of a loved one must be with a positive attitude and faith in success.

How to pray

Prayers from drunkenness of a husband or son are read on certain days of the week, they are called "male" - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. The priests advise for a drinking husband to order in the church a special service about health, and the drinker himself should refrain from drinking and smoking. How to act:

  • start the prayer rite after confession and repentance of your own sins;
  • appeal to the Higher Forces with pure thoughts, deep faith in man and the help of the Lord;
  • sincerely realize the power of phrases addressed to the Almighty and his companions, holy saints;
  • in front of the image to which you are turning, light three candles and read a prayer, without being distracted by worldly affairs;
  • the strongest will be the ritual performed in the temple, but no one should be aware of these actions.

Important: you should not expect instant action from prayer, it is not a medicine and not a formula for fulfilling desires. The result of a lively address to God will surely manifest itself over time, and the drinking husband will feel a strong psychosomatic message to give up alcohol.

Folk healer councils

Drug treatment of alcoholism is not prohibited to reinforce the struggle at the energy (highest) level. But here, too, belief in the effectiveness of methods used against demonic influence cannot be avoided. What to consider:

  • conspiracies and prayers from the binge of her husband read on the waning moon on generally accepted men's days;
  • before reading a prayer, a woman covers her head with a handkerchief, gets rid of jewelry;
  • if the rite requires water, it must be clean and fresh, but not boiled or drunk.

On the days of the feast days and on Sundays, as well as during Lent, conspiracy is forbidden. Unauthorized people should not be aware of the healing rituals, and the closest relatives are required to help them successfully. Examples of effective conspiracies:

Recommendations of the father

If you can bring a drinking husband to the temple, he must sincerely repent of his sin. It takes three days to attend each of the three services. After the three-day prayer services, one should proceed to the 40-day fast to purify the soul and body from evil. During the observance of fasting, the suffering should pray incessantly, and the morning of the new day should be started by taking holy water on an empty stomach.

To store healing water, choose only glassware, it does not violate the healing properties of the water sanctified in the church. With an open mind and pure thoughts read prayers, keep the commandments of God, then the Lord will help you, give your husband healing from alcoholism.

The miraculous power of prayers against drunkenness

In the arsenal of the Christian faith there are some strong prayers that help against alcoholism. The most effective prayer books read in front of the face of the miraculous icons in the church. You can also turn to God at home, standing in front of homemade images, lighting candles in front of them. The strongest effect has the sincere request for healing from alcoholism of the most alcohol-dependent.

The protective force of the face of St. Nicholas

The righteous old man is considered the most revered saint in Russia, because during his life he did not refuse to help those in need. Therefore, Nicholas the Wonderworker, whose earthly life was imbued with miracles, is called among the people a mediator between people and God.

Before the icon of the intercessor, put three church candles, bought on Thursday. Also prepare a container with holy water, to which the words of a strong prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker will be slandered:

Before performing the ritual, surround the icon of St. Nicholas with the other icons - the Inexhaustible Chalice, the Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Old Matron of Moscow. With lit candles, read the words of the holy prayer to the water, protecting against alcoholism, carefully peering into the liquid. The ceremony ends when the candles burn out to the end.

What should the wife do: a liquid, conspired with sacred words, pour the drinking husband into drinks or food for 40 days. But remember, he should not know about this ritual. At the same time, you should visit the church every day, and for your husband, order a health service — forty minutes.

Help the icon of the Mother of God "Inexhaustible Chalice"

This is the icon chosen by people to seek help from the addiction to alcohol of a husband or son. Prayer at the icon is considered particularly strong because of the unusual image of the Mother of God. If on other canvases the Mother of God holds little Jesus in her arms, then on this icon the Infant is in the sacred Cup used for communion.

According to legend, an amazing vessel helps to comfort and quench spiritual thirst, and history tells about the help of the icon in healing a physical ailment of a heavily drunk peasant. What are the words to refer to the miraculous icon to protect her husband from binge drinking:

The ascension of prayer to the icon of the "Inexhaustible Chalice" should be sincere, the text of the prayer book should be read several times, with the blessing of a priest. The one who took upon himself the feat of appealing to the Virgin Mary must adhere to strict fasting for 40 days. Also, during regular visits to the temple, you must submit a note about the health of a person obsessed with alcoholic demons.

Addressing a prayer from drunkenness to the Matrona of Moscow

Prayer books, addressed to the Holy Matronushka, are famous for their powerful effect. The creation of a prayer forever saves a man from an obsessive desire to attach himself to alcohol, from suffering without harmful drink and prolonged drunkenness. The power of prayer before the icon of the miracle worker is explained by the fact that during her life the blessed old lady herself helped people in misfortune, without denying protection before God and after her death.

The famous Russian blissful, blind from birth, canonized for healing the sick and praying for the afflicted. The healer, who has been foreseen since childhood, is considered the protector of family ties, so it’s precisely to the face of the miracle-bearers who plead to save the husband or son from binge.

Important: when calling Mother Matrona for help, you cannot simultaneously use the services of psychics and healers. Old people save their drinkers through the prayers of their loved ones, even if the suffering person is not close by, but very far away.

Enhancement measures

Starting the reading of the prayer book against drunkenness, one should begin the action with the prayer of our Father, and then repeatedly repeat these cherished words with powerful power during the day. Strengthening the help of an alcoholic will help reading additional sacred texts.

  1. Akathist Reading liturgical poems dedicated to the Almighty, the Virgin Mary or one of the saints is held next to the icon. 12 laudatory songs end 13th, in which they ask for healing from drunkenness.
  2. Psalter. In the sacred collection of hymns you can find psalms that eliminate the drunkenness. The universality of the prayer is that it is not forbidden even to offer it to those who suffer for themselves.

The chosen psalm is allowed to repeat at any time and in any place, unlike prayers. Especially strong is the ritual of reading psalms by monks in monasteries. If a person who suffers from binge, is aware of the mortal danger of a demonic addiction to alcohol, he has the right to turn for help to our Lord Jesus Christ with the words:

If you pray and there is no result, do not fall into despair, it is considered a sin. The action of prayers does not manifest instantly, do not stop to turn to God, he will hear you and will reward according to merit.