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Holy Trinity: disclosure of the unity of the three divine incarnations


In Orthodoxy, the Trinity is of fundamental importance. The Trinity of God is the basis of all Christian denominations. This teaching reflects the one essentially Creator in three guises. Consider the significance of the triunity of a higher power from the Orthodox point of view.

Trinity Mystery

Many people cannot understand how a single God can have three faces, while opponents of Christianity consider the doctrine of the Trinity to be direct idolatry. The Orthodox Church debunks the myths about idolatry, pointing to the unearthly origin of the divine. The concepts of time and distance are absent in the spiritual world, and it is inconceivable to assert that the division of one into parts Therefore, between the persons of the Holy Trinity there is no division into parts or distances.

The mystery of the Trinity is inaccessible to the perception of the human mind, as it relates to the spiritual dimension.

Persons of the Holy Trinity are one in nature, but different in properties. The father symbolizes the unborn state, the Son the birth, the Holy Spirit the power of origin. The Father existed originally and was not created, the Son was born of the Father, and the Holy Spirit is the Eternal Force that proceeds from God the Father. However, one should take into account spiritual categories and realize that the processes of force origin and birth do not exist in physical time and cannot be comprehended by the human mind as something physically tangible.

"The way of birth and the way of origin is incomprehensible to us." John of Damascus.

A gross mistake is to draw an analogy between human faces and the manifestation of the triune divine essence. Divine persons do not merge with each other, but do not exist separately. It is about mutual penetration, the incomprehensible human mind.

The following characteristics indicate the unity of the Holy Trinity:

  • have a single will;
  • have a single directional force;
  • make a single directional action.

Therefore, the Orthodox Church claims that God works through the Son through the Holy Spirit. However, it should be understood that the main force in the Trinity is the beginningless Father, although the Son and the Holy Spirit possess the same level of authority.

Comprehension of the Trinity

How can one comprehend the Holy Trinity and acquire knowledge about it, if it is not available to the human mind? The Holy Fathers of the church claim that the attainment of the Trinity is possible through mystical revelation through the descent of divine grace. That is, this action does not depend on the will and efforts of man, but is an act of divine grace.

Who is available mystical experience? The one who took care of cleansing his heart from dirty thoughts and decided to devote his life to sincere service to God. For the believer, it is very important to free your heart from worldly passions, which lead you away from the ways of understanding the spiritual dimension.

How to practically achieve purification from sinful thoughts and get rid of obsessions? For this you need to open your heart to the world and be filled with love for it. This is what the Holy Trinity teaches us, which is in perfect unity, thanks to the Power of Love. Each of the persons of the Trinity does not live for itself - It dissolves in the other, which is an example of absolute commitment.

The Dogma of the Holy Trinity

Christian faith is based on the dogma of the unity of the Holy Trinity. It can be said that the Most Holy Trinity is the very essence of Christianity. It is believed that the ultimate goal of a Christian is the knowledge of the Unified and Inseparable Divine Hypostasis. It is the knowledge of the mystery of the Trinity in its fullness that reveals the Divine life to the Christian.

The Holy Fathers of the Church explain the unity of the Trinity by the example of the human soul:

  • the mind of man is the image of God the Father;
  • thought and word - the image of the Son;
  • the soul is the image of the Holy Spirit.

St. Ignatius Bryanchaninov indicates that the unity of the thoughts, mind and soul of a person explains the unity of the Triune. Just as our mind, thoughts, and soul exist independently, but belong to the same person, so does the face of the Trinity. Our mind constantly gives rise to thoughts, thought cannot exist without the mind, just like the mind without thought. And the human spirit comes from the mind, which constantly gives rise to thoughts. It is impossible to separate these three hypostases, for they cannot exist without each other. There can be no mind without thought, without mind and spirit without mind and thought.

The doctrine of the Holy Trinity is the teachings of Mind, Word, and Spirit.

The Christian dogma of the Trinity is the doctrine of the Father (divine mind), the Son (divine word) and the Holy Spirit (divine spirit). These three divine persons are indivisible and interpenetrating, existing in unity and harmony and abiding in absolute love. They form the indivisible Divine Being.

In the divine mind, there are ideas of the universe, the plans of creation. The divine mind infinitely gives rise to the divine word that creates the universe. However, there should be no analogy between the divine word and the human. The divine word characterizes insubstantiality, silence, the absence of symbolism, the beginninglessness and eternity.

The Christian must understand that the three faces do not divide the divine essence into parts, but do not merge into a monolithic whole.

So the divine mind is the Eternal Father, and the divine word is the Only Begotten Son. These are absolutely spiritual concepts, devoid of any traits of materiality. God is a Spirit who dwells outside of space and time, does not feel and has no form. The divine spirit is not limited by anything, exists eternally and has no image.

Each face of the Divine Hypostasis is endowed with omnipotence, is everywhere and everywhere, is not limited to material categories and is endowed with absolute holiness.. It is impossible to divide faces into three persons: for one does not exist without the second, and the third without the first two. Where one person appears, the other two are immediately present. One Divine Hypostasis is not a separate part of the whole - it contains two other Hypostasis. It is a single spiritual entity, which is a father and a son, and a generating force at the same time.

Prayer to the Trinity

Many do not understand who exactly needs to be addressed in prayer, which of the persons of the Trinity? In Orthodoxy, there are three prayers, each of which is directed to a separate person of the Triune:

  • Our Father;
  • Jesus prayer;
  • King comforter.

How to realize that this is not the worship of three different gods, in which pagans reproach Christians? The Orthodox Church teaches that the three mentioned Divine Hypostases do not recognize themselves as separate individuals.. Therefore, when we look to the Father, the Only Begotten Son and the Holy Spirit are present with him. When we look to the Only Begotten Son, the Father is present together with him, and the outgoing power is the Holy Spirit. Since in the spiritual dimension of time does not exist, the Only Begotten Son is born forever from the Father, and the outgoing divine power (the Spirit of the Most Holy) always produces the act of birth.

Therefore, the prayerful appeal to one divine Hypostasis of the Trinity in no way contradicts the doctrine of the unity of the divine essence.

The importance of understanding the unity of the Trinity

Is it really impossible to gain true faith without the awareness of the trinity of the whole? Fathers of the church teach that the attainment of unity is the basis of a correct understanding and service to God. Without comprehending the triune essence, it is impossible to correctly understand the messages of the apostles and the teachings of Christ. It is impossible to figure out who the Father is to the Only Begotten Son, and also, whose Son the will expresses. A misunderstanding of the doctrine of the Trinity can lead a Christian to heresy, which has already happened in the history of the church more than once.

It should be clearly understood that it is the doctrine of the Trinity that distinguishes the Christian religion from other faiths based on monotheism and polytheism. In this regard, there are many profanations and distortions of the truth of the concept of the trinity. The entire history of the church is replete with examples of the struggle against heresy and the distortion of the true teaching. Given the weakness of the earthly mind to comprehend spiritual concepts, faith is needed. Only faith will help a person to touch the mystery of the ineffable earthly language and images.

Church birthday

Christians celebrate the day of the Holy Trinity 50 days after Easter. It was at this time that the Holy Spirit descended to earth to reveal himself to the apostles. The latter saw the descent of the Holy Spirit in the form of non-burning tongues of flame. Together with the flame, the apostles and the Virgin Mary felt that they were touched by the incredible power of unearthly origin.

Due to the touch of the Holy Spirit, the apostles were given the gift of speaking in tongues. That is, they began to speak in languages ​​that were not previously known. It was a gracious gift of the verb. Since then, this day has been perpetuated in the feast, called the day of the descent of the Holy Spirit - Pentecost, the Spirit Day. The descent of the Spirit on earth marked the beginning of the formation of the Church of Christ, since it was from that moment that all the fullness of Divine Unity was revealed.