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How to protect yourself from envy and the evil eye: simple and effective methods


The evil eye is a powerful weapon not only of evil people, but also completely safe. You can jinx it without even knowing it. Also, the evil eye can be obtained simply because of the silent envy. How to protect yourself from envy and the evil eye? How to avoid becoming a victim of an evil person, a gypsy or an envious neighbor? Consider a few methods of effective protection against this scourge.

Operational counteraction

In order not to become a victim of an eyeful person, you need to talk about yourself as little as possible, and also share your happiness. You do not even think that you can be very jinxed when you shine with happiness! In the old days, it was advised to spit three times over the left shoulder (a mole there sits a demon) and then knock three times on a wooden object. This applies to the case when you rashly praised something.

How to protect yourself from envy and detractors? If you communicate with an unpleasant person who can easily harm the energy level, keep your fingers in the shape of a fig behind your back. You can keep your hands in your pocket. While talking to a person, do not straighten your fingers.

Another way to protect yourself from energy lightning is to touch a metal object. Just take the keys in the hand or anything metallic, you can grab the iron railing or the door bracket. What comes handy, hold on to it. A metal tends to record information in its crystal lattice - there the energy lightning will remain. It will pass through you and be recorded on the metal.

The simplest method is to cross the limbs. Cross your arms (fingers) or legs. And the best is both. This action will close your energy cocoon and make it inaccessible to black thought.

When you come home, you should immediately wash your face under the tap and hands. Splash water in your face and imagine that the black energy of the evil eye is washed away from you. You can take a shower.

How to protect yourself from envy? When communicating with a smart person, do the following. Look at the eyebrow area and say the following about yourself:

The ringing of the bells drives away any infection, purifies the subtle bodies of a person from the negative. If there is a church near you, come during the bell ringing and stand while the bells are ringing. At this time, you can read our Father. The aura will be completely cleared of energetic dirt.

If you managed to jinx itself, you can immediately correct the situation. Light a candle, stand in front of the mirror and look into your eyes. At the same time it is necessary to say the following three words:

Put the candle in the mirror or on the window sill, let it burn completely. Remember that it is better not to boast about your success and not to rejoice greatly in the fulfillment of your desires. Sometimes this is the start button for turning events in the opposite direction.

Salt baths against the evil eye

If you feel unwell, breakdown or headache of unknown origin, you need to quickly correct the situation with salt and water. Salt is an excellent absorbent - it absorbs any dirt, including energy. Only need to first give her a task to remove the negative.

Pour a pack of salt in the bath (you can and just 9 handfuls) and collect warm water. Stay in the bath for 10 minutes and then rinse in the shower. It is impossible to stay longer in a saline solution, as it begins to draw out positive energy. In 10 minutes the salt will take everything negative, and you will leave the bath as a newborn.

If you visit the steam room 2 times a month, no evil eye is terrible.

In ancient times, the evil eye was banished with a birch besom. If you have the opportunity to visit the Russian steam room, then you can easily banish any dark energy. The main thing, after entering the steam room rinsed with cool water. How many times to go into the steam room and for how long? It is enough to sit there for 3 minutes, and you should enter the steam room 3 times. Do I have to pray at this? No no need.

Energy protection

This method is suitable for those who are familiar with the energy structure of a person. If you feel something is wrong, start spinning your aura in a spiral. When rotating, your biofield is cleared of black energy and renewed. How to rotate the biofield? You need to start with a stop and finish the crown.

You have to bandage your body with energy. The first layer of energy falls close to the body, the second - a little at a distance, the third - even further, and so on. You can apply 20 or 30 layers, as you decide.

Remember that the world around you reflects your own thoughts and intentions. The more you radiate positive energy, the more good you will come back. Do not succumb to provocations of malice and envy - protect your mind and soul from the destructive black energy.

From the gypsy evil eye

Many people are justifiably afraid of gypsies, as they have a black eye. Gypsy evil eye is considered the most powerful and difficult to remove. Therefore, it is better not to start a conversation with representatives of this tribe and not to look into their eyes. Go on your way, as if the gypsy does not cling to you.

If you still talked to a gypsy, and even refused to ask her to tell you a fortune, you need to take urgent measures. A person may feel sudden weakness, headache, and even pain in the heart. Therefore, when you come home, pour tap water into the cup and read the special plot:

Having said the plot three times, drink water and sprinkle the room. The plot must be read, bringing the glass of water close to the lips so that the breath touches the surface of the water. You can not read the plot words just in space, they must, as it were, plunge into water.

If you are a believer, read the prayer appeal to the Virgin Mary and ask for her protection. You can simply read our Father 9 times, placing signs of the cross at the end of each reading.

You can read another plot, a longer one.

How not to fall victim to the evil eye

Not everyone knows that there is emotional intelligence. Moreover, not everyone develops it in himself. Our emotions can change the world around us, if we let them loose. This is especially true of energetically strong people, whose mental message can lead to great destruction. Therefore, try not to annoy those around you with your statements, so as not to receive in return an energy lightning with an evil message.

How to protect yourself from envy and the evil eye? Remember that the most unprotected place is the back. So do not turn your back on an evil-minded person. Evil words spoken in the back can severely damage your aura.

Try not to talk about people behind their backs, do not speak unflattering at someone’s address. If an angry person is told about your words, you will surely receive a retaliatory strike from him in the form of a powerful evil eye. In our time, gossiping about people is an inadmissible luxury. They can go to the witch, order damage on you. Believe me, many do.

Orthodox believers have a powerful means of protection against the evil eye - forgiveness of enemies.

We simply underestimate this potent remedy. When you forgive your ill-wishers, your protection comes to rights on a spiritual level. The blessings of the enemies will return to you, and their own thoughts and wishes of evil will return to them. It has been tested for centuries. Only need to forgive with all my heart!

A nervous and easily excitable person is very easy to jinx.

You can listen to Eastern wisdom and follow the example of their wise men. In the east, it is believed that meditation practices are a powerful means of defense against any evil. During meditation, the mind and emotions are completely at rest, and this strengthens the human biofield. The more often you are in peace of mind and peace, the stronger becomes your bio shell. A strong bio shell is very difficult to break through the negative vibrations. So draw your own conclusions.

And finally, let's talk about the pin. Everyone has heard that this small object is a powerful lightning rod of negative energy. It has been tested for centuries. Only the pin needs to be attached to the clothes correctly: so that the tip is pointing down. At the tip of the pin and will drain the negative, sent in your direction. Check the pin from time to time - did you unbutton it? If you lost a pin from your clothes, it means that it has taken a powerful energy message. Replace it with another.