Dream interpretation

Compatibility Tiger and Rooster - all difficult


Compatibility of the Tiger and Rooster is not the easiest. Relationship problems will arise, it is inevitable. But if the feelings of the partners are strong enough, and both are willing to try for the sake of love, they can avoid parting and stay together for a long time.

general characteristics

They are not found by chance. A fateful acquaintance occurs when both are particularly in need of love and fully prepared for a serious relationship. The stars themselves favor the couple.

But you shouldn’t completely rely on the will of fate. Partners will have to work seriously on relationships if they want to create a strong and stable union full of love, harmony, respect and mutual understanding.

Their karmic task is to become each other teachers, to develop together, to learn how to solve conflicts together, to look for compromise solutions to any problems. It is even worth visiting an astrologer to get competent recommendations.

The cons of the union, with which the partners have to cope, include the following:

  • Tiger's reluctance to waste on trifles. He is looking for global goals, major problems for himself, and domestic affairs do not care much for him.
  • Fussiness and restless nature of the Rooster, which can be very doubtful, which is extremely annoying to his calm and balanced chosen one.
  • The rooster loves to show off and push out its virtues in order to gain public recognition and gain credibility. This puts Tigger out of himself, who considers such behavior to be selfish.
  • But Tiger itself can be extremely selfish in relationships, constantly pulling the blanket over itself.

All of these problems can be solved; what is important is the desire of partners to work on relationships and move forward towards common happiness together.

Tiger Man and Rooster Woman

This is the union of two opposites, which are known to be attracted. But not everything is as smooth as it seems at the beginning. When the romantic fervor fades away, the relationship will turn into a series of quarrels and disagreements.

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. The partners have different characters, habits, views on life, interests, and worldview. Because of this relationship promise to be very problematic.
  2. A man will try to control the chosen one with all his might. He wants to subordinate her to his will, but this is impossible to do. Attempts to control will be accompanied by flashes of unreasonable jealousy.
  3. The woman behaves quite neutral. She is wise, but sometimes she can lose her temper because of the temperamental nature of the chosen one. To save the relationship, both will have to put a tremendous amount of effort.
  4. But the result is worth it - after the stage of lapping and conflict, a long-awaited period of unlimited love, mutual understanding, respect and trust will come. In such a pair everything is harmonious. Houses are always cozy and tidy, there is a comfortable atmosphere in which it is pleasant to be.
  5. The only thing that a man does not tolerate at home guests and noisy companies. He prefers quiet family evenings, and his chosen one loves to take friends with him. In this they will have to find a compromise and agree.

All household cares and household chores will lie on a woman’s shoulders. Therefore, it is important that a man be responsible for material well-being, not forcing his chosen one to work on a par with him. If she gets into worries about money, over the years she will turn into an irritated and exhausted woman who constantly has a headache.

Rooster male and Tiger female

In such a pair, partners also differ quite strongly, but this does not prevent them from building strong and healthy relationships. It develops together, neutralizing weaknesses and developing virtues. Constantly learn something from each other. An extremely harmonious couple.

What else is typical for such a union:

  1. A woman, in contrast to the previous elects of the Rooster, will be able to pacify the heady and disobedient nature of her lover. She will be able to direct his lush energy in the right direction. With it, he is able to achieve very much that he notices and appreciates.
  2. The fate of the relationship will depend, first of all, on the willingness of a woman to devote herself to marriage and to serving her husband. It is also important for her to be able to adapt to the eternally positive disposition of the elect, who cannot stand it when someone pours out negative emotions in his presence.
  3. It is undesirable for them to work together, because conflicts will necessarily occur on the basis of business relations. And not the fact that they can not mix work with personal life, not to transfer emotions from quarrels in matters to the family.
  4. Ideally, such a union with time turns into a pair of “non-erudite” - people who are sensitive to each other, and who do not need words for mutual understanding.

An interesting fact is that both have a fairly well developed intuition, they may even have mystical abilities. Such couples can become trainers in the field of esotericism, wish fulfillment, and practice tranferfing of reality.

Friendly compatibility

Friendship can be even more harmonious than a love relationship between the Tiger and the Rooster. They willingly help each other, come to the rescue in difficult situations, always ready to support and give friendly advice.

Both learn a lot from each other. Such a union contributes to the enormous development of both. The rooster becomes more calm, learning to plan. The tiger loses its egoism and opens up to the world.

The main thing for such a friendship is not to compete, but to interact, to be able to give in at a difficult moment. And do not rest on a horn, but listen to a friend when it seems that he is seriously guilty. And never discuss the actions of a partner with other people.

It is important to fight with a dismissive attitude that is peculiar to both. Each time, making a certain act, you need to stop and think about whether it will harm the friendship.