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Prayers before leaving the house


Today, many are interested in the Orthodox faith, try to visit the temple more often, pray and fast on the necessary dates. But the prayer before leaving the house is often forgotten. This is a very important prayer! We can say one of the key in Orthodoxy.

Before, I did not attach much importance to her, it seemed to me that if I read the morning and evening prayers, this would be quite enough. Once, when there was a difficult period at work, I began to feel anxious before leaving home for work. I remembered that there are special prayers when leaving the house, I read it - and immediately I felt the difference!

I went outside renewed, with a clear feeling that I was under divine protection, that everything would be fine with me. Since then, I try to pray every time before leaving the apartment. It miraculously soothes, gives strength and joy.

I recommend everyone: if you want your day to go well, pray before you leave the house, tune in to positive and joy every day! In this article I will tell you how and who should pray when leaving the apartment.

Prayer before leaving the house: to whom and how to contact

The word is a powerful, tremendous power, especially the sacred word of prayer. With the help of the word, we create a connection with God, set ourselves in the right way, learn to feel the Divine in our life.

In Orthodoxy, it is believed that any important business is better to start with prayer. Thus, you attract to your side the help of guardian angels, saints, the Lord himself. Any business goes better and gives more successful results if you pray to God well before starting it.

Even scientists have proven that during prayer, human consciousness changes (special parts of the brain work). Consciousness is tuned for positive and success!

At the same time, when you go to work or on business from home, you usually hurry, maybe even worry, be late. It turns out that all your business starts with the wrong attitude! As a result, the day passes in the same fuss and does not bring you satisfaction.

In the evening, you feel that another day of your unique life has irrevocably passed and you feel only sadness and anger because of this.

But things can be different! If every morning before leaving the house to turn for help to God, then your day will pass more meaningfully, brightly, it will be filled with good and bright events. In the evening, at the end of the day, you will feel fullness and joy.

Prayer when leaving home is a great thing that can completely change your approach to life in general.

How to pray to the guardian angel before going out and at home

It is believed that before leaving the house it is best to pray to the Creator or Guardian Angel. You can turn to God in your own words, ask him to make your day bright and happy.

You can read "Our Father," with the intention to improve your upcoming day. Ask for protection from your Guardian Angel and thank him for his help. Your angel will take away evil forces from you and repel the attack of demons, bring good and intelligent people into your life.

Also before entering the house you can ask for help the Mother of God, Nicholas the Wonderworker and the Archangel Michael. If you have children, teach them to also turn to God before starting serious business, including before leaving the house. This will be very useful for them in their future life!

Prayer of John Chrysostom

There is also the famous prayer of John Chrysostom ("I deny you, Satan"), which should be pronounced before leaving the house. This is a short prayer, you can easily memorize it and repeat it always before you go to work or do other things.

This prayer takes away unclean power from us, eliminates trouble during the day, attracts the brightest and purest into our lives.

If for some reason you are worried, no matter if there is a reason for your alarm or it is not there at all, read psalm 90 before leaving the house, it will help you to gather your strength and thoughts and calm the alarm. This is a special prayer that helps with anxiety.

God hears our prayers and always answers them, so it is extremely important to sincerely ask him for help! After reading the canonical prayer, ask the Lord for protection and help, tell him what you are most worried about and how you would like to get a result at the end of the day.

If you are not alone and do not want to draw attention to yourself, say a short prayer to yourself. If you remember, read the prayer of John Chrysostom. But you can simply ask God in your own words: "Help me, protect me from all evil today and take unkind people away from me." At the end of the prayer there should be words of gratitude.

If you leave the house with your loved ones, it will be great if you pray together. This will only strengthen your prayer and bring good events to each of you.

To well remember the text of the prayer of John Chrysostom, you can print it (or write beautifully by hand) and attach it on the front door. Then you will definitely not forget to turn to the higher forces - a reminder of the prayer will always be in sight!

We wish you success in every day of your life: let meaningfulness, spirituality, love and trust in God come to you. Do not forget to say a prayer before leaving the house! Remember - this is a real power that can change your life for the better.