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How to identify and remove monetary blocks


Like it or not, money is an integral part of our life. Although the popular proverb says that "happiness is not in money", but without an n-th number of bills in a wallet, life is also not very happy. After all, our opportunities largely depend on money - we can want a lot, but not everything is really possible for ourselves with any desire.

Why does money literally come out of nowhere to some people, while others have to make tremendous efforts to ensure their simple existence? It largely depends on the availability of monetary blocks that hinder your wealth. How to identify and remove money blocks - I want to tell you about it in my next article.

What are monetary blocks?

What are monetary units really and why did they get such a name? Everything is elementary - due to the fact that they block the entry of energy into various areas of our life and interfere with our happiness and success.

Moreover, blocks can affect not only the monetary sphere, but also extend to absolutely all areas of our life: touch on the theme of love, relationships with parents, the sphere of health, and so on.

The process of forming blocks begins in distant childhood, and most often we alone are no longer able to recall the circumstances in which they were formed. Blocks, according to experts, very often relate to the so-called children's psychological trauma.

Analyzing the topic of blocks from the standpoint of physiology, one can say that blocks begin to appear at the subconscious level when certain neural connections are formed (connections between brain cells known as neurons). To make it clearer, let's look at what is happening on a specific example.

  • Example 1. Positive. You are on vacation, relaxing with your loved one or friends - go to your favorite cafe for a cup of coffee with a delicious dessert. The institution can hear very pleasant music that gives you pleasure.

Our brain at this moment records the connection, known as the "associative series". And from now on, as soon as you hear this song, order the same cake or just walk past this place on the street - memories will immediately appear in your brain on that pleasant evening. All components of this chain will provoke the appearance in the consciousness of the entire associative series as a whole. And by the end you will feel a surge of happiness!

  • Example 2. Negative. Let's say you chose a very necessary piece of clothing in the store and are about to buy it. The seller is already engaged in registration of the acquisition, but at the very last minute you remember that you do not have enough money to pay. The purchase is canceled.

But the formation of a negative neural connection has already automatically occurred in your head, and from now on, every time you find yourself near this store, you will hear a melody playing at that moment, or you will meet that seller - a wave of negative experiences will overwhelm you.

And now think about the fact that in our entire life, not even thousands but millions of neural connections are being formed. And their gap is almost unreal. The only thing you can do to save the situation is to understand which block you have and create a positive template as opposed to a negative one.

But now let's smoothly return to the topic of money and monetary blocks and talk about them in more detail.

What is money?

The subject of money today is a very topical issue, because living in our world without them is simply not possible. Money is an indicator of a person’s success in life and opens up various opportunities for his development and every possible improvement of life, if you have a lot of them.

Most of us at least once in our lives, but faced a problem when finances are sorely lacking or, at a minimum, could observe something similar in the life of our close circle. Well, if this happened once and then everything got better and was forgotten. But in the case when the lack of money systematically disturbs the human soul - the formation of a monetary unit takes place.

Just think about what emotions you feel when you think about money? Is it joy, happiness, freedom, or (much more likely) anxiety, insecurity, disappointment? After all, our relationship with finances is based on our thoughts about abundance, security and freedom.

And what really is the money itself? Simply put, money is a form of energy, which manifests itself from the Source of Energy similarly to all of our Universe.

At the same time, no matter what anyone says, but money alone cannot be either good or evil, since any energy is neutral. And we ourselves confer certain qualities when we pass through our consciousness if it does not correspond to our thought forms.

And every time when a certain topic attracts the attention of a large number of people and energy from them, our judgments about it give it a huge number of different characteristics. This in turn turns it into a welcome and saving or frightening and repulsive. Moreover, for some people, it can combine those and other properties at the same time.

But all the same let's find out, as a result of our judgments, thoughts and beliefs, do we have money blocks and, as a result, problems with finances?

Monetary Overview

Below, I offer you the most popular monetary blocks with a description of their negative power.

Block 1. Money is evil

Probably, most people are puzzled by the money question. Every time they begin to respond to the topic of money, it means that you unconsciously turn to this topic. So, you have deeply hidden convictions that you don’t even admit to yourself and that do not agree with your real Self (soul). Moreover, the more pronounced the reaction - the less harmony in these beliefs.

The most common beliefs include the following: "Finance is the root of world evil," "Only greedy and corrupt individuals have money," and in the same spirit. Your beliefs really cannot be good or bad. The only thing that matters when we talk about them is everything that you truly believe in, you always get back.

In this context, all our beliefs are literally “matter”, or they become matter out of energy, when we give them enough energy, think about them, talk and act. Our Universe will always return to us the energy of all our beliefs according to the principle of a mirror, send us such circumstances that correspond to this belief.

And then, if once we were convinced that only immoral and dishonest personalities have finances, and we, after all, are not at all like this, it means that the Universe will put us in a situation in which we experience a shortage of funds.

Not an attractive option for you? Then, rather, change your beliefs and fill them with energy so that there is a match between what you think and what you get.

Block 2. Money does not suit spiritual people

Seekers of spiritual truths are often piously convinced that "money cannot be combined with spirituality."

Probably, this installation was strongly influenced by certain religious and cultural elements, showing us, for example, such great personalities as Jesus Christ and others like him. And here it is impossible not to mention the principle: "Finance is evil."

At the same time, according to the laws of the reality in which we live, everything happens exactly as we believe. Therefore, if we are piously convinced that since we are spiritual people, it means that we should not have money, the Universe will surely fulfill our “desire”.

But after all, in reality, money, like everything else, is simply energy flowing both in the direction from us and towards us. And we ourselves endow this energy with different meanings.

Therefore, if you want this energy to be embodied in your life as safely and profitably as possible, accept the fact that money is just one of the forms of energy in the Universe, in which everything around is energy. And if you are not ready to accept monetary energy in your life, you will constantly suffer from a lack of financial resources.

Block 3. I am not worthy to have money

All of us - people living on planet Earth, in varying degrees, are programmed to uselessness. And if we take into account that thoughts about money in our society directly relate to the subject of value, it becomes quite logical, for what reason we find ourselves in a vicious cycle of manifestation of financial distress. This happens because we ourselves inspire ourselves that we are unworthy or did not deserve to live a rich life. And for its part, the feeling of constant financial shortage also contributes to strengthening the conviction that we do not deserve success when we can barely make ends meet.

And as soon as we begin to convince ourselves that we are unworthy of anything, that we are of value only under certain conditions (any, at your discretion) - at the same moment of time we begin to ignore and reduce our creative power.

It should be added here that most of the people have an actual program for returning more than receiving one. After all, we are inspired from childhood that, through self-sacrifice, we gain nobility, dedication, show our kindness and altruism. But understand that you initially do not have to do anything to confirm your importance to others with the help of any methods. After all, we in ourselves represent a tremendous value and the thought that we need to work to get love or prove our value is nothing but a false belief.

Just realize the simple fact that the fact that your unconscious is not regarded as truth can never become part of your life. And if you are sacredly convinced that financial success is not for you, then the Universe will confirm this thought until you can eliminate it from your mind. But you can do it exclusively.

Block 4. The world around controls my finances

Based on the current political situation, when wealth is distributed quite unevenly, we easily plunge into a situation in which money is concentrated in the hands of a handful of people. And then it happened to them either as a result of luck, or they receive money using dishonest methods.

With this thinking, we may not even be aware, but we begin to give our energy to maintain these mental images. After all, our universe is constantly vibrating, and our energy balance is the currency that we use to acquire the necessary experience.

When you have the habit of gossip, condemnation and criticism of others (do not confuse it with investing energy for their development on similar topics, but in a constructive manner), and if you also try to justify yourself, that it is all of the above that interferes with your well-being, then there is a very inefficient loss of energy. But you could use it to change yourself or change your environment.

And, of course, if you send to the outside world emotions of constant condemnation and anger, it is unlikely that you will receive a positive return. To become successful and learn to create consciously, you must stop living in such a reality and change internally.

Also, if you are piously convinced that the world around us is an unjust and hostile place where you just need to “walk on our heads” in order to get limited resources, then you will definitely see the confirmation of all your thoughts in reality. And you will observe this before changing your life positions.

Try to guess who will be the most harmed by such judgments? Of course, you personally! After all, all the energy you spend will multiply exponentially and return to you according to the boomerang principle.

There are various methods of weakening collective energy, one of which is concentration on one’s own person. After all, the feeling of self-love is the very first step to all creatures.

After all, you and only you are the only creator of your life and your future. So try to visualize what you would do if you were financially secure and you didn’t have the need to work?

Probably, you would start investing in someone from your inner circle, would you give them, for example, the opportunity to see the world? And, perhaps, you would allow yourself such a luxury, which remained unattainable for you before?

Or, say, you would like to do charity work, donate money to those who need it. You can create your own reality, based on your desires and it will be exactly what you yourself want. Only you have absolute power to create your life in the context in which you want to see it. And at the same time, it doesn’t matter what kind of feelings and experiences prevail over other people.

Block 5. Money is our all

Although there is a perception that money is absolutely everything that exists in our world: both good and bad, but in reality it represents only a certain form of energy, which by default cannot be either positive or negative.

Finance is one of the most popular methods of energy distribution, but it is the people themselves who have made them so, although this is far from the only method. Think about it, because when you suffer from a lack of finances, thoughts like: "If only I possessed (had) enough money" inevitably begin to scroll in our head.

Such a statement is very dangerous, because, first of all, many feel their helplessness when the question comes about finances. And this happened because we, roughly speaking, “buy” with the generally accepted ideas that money is the only important thing in our life. And such thinking takes away a lot of vital energy from us.

Perceiving finances as a necessary intermediary in gaining experience, we will surely see confirmation of our thought from the side - reality will demand from us finances from various sides.

But along with the activation of this belief, other channels of energy transfer are excluded, which we can also use, as we concentrate and give too much energy exclusively to one of the types of energy.

Please note that the desire to have money is not the desire to have some things, but is the desire to experience the positive emotions that we experience when possessing these things.

In these experiences, we visualize from one position how well we would feel if our desires would become reality. On the other hand, due to these vibrations of ours, there is still a state of lack of interest in those finances that we don’t actually possess. Due to such ambiguous vibrations, the quantum Universe receives very contradictory signals, which is very similar to how you tried to tune two radio stations at the same time.

And the worst thing about this is that until you get rid of other money blocks, the wrong settings can be in the background, they feed on our vibrations and, like a funnel, suck us into the state of “want,” “need,” “don't deserve”, “ lacks". It is not hard to guess what reality you are moving in when you are led by these negative and limiting beliefs.

It is necessary to learn to eliminate such disturbing installations, due to which the change of your vibrations will take place from the applicant to the one allowing and receiving. Due to this, the opening of channels responsible for switching on or off the cash flow begins. But how to do it, if at the moment you are experiencing certain financial difficulties?

The most effective and time-proved technique is visualization of the desired. That is, you have to imagine that future development option in which you solved all your problems with money and were able to get a good income. Visualize that a flow of material goods has opened up to you, and from now on you no longer worry about it. Save and maintain in your mind this image, connect with this feeling so that all the cells of your body, absolutely all of its particles are completely penetrated by it.

At the same time, do not stop thinking about the fact that you and only you have the power to move from one reality - the one that does not suit you, into the one in which everything is well and life unfolds exactly as you want. Be sure to get rid of unnecessary sacrifice, thoughts that reduce your inner strength and boldly stride to that guaranteed freedom to choose, which you have from your very birth (although you can think all your life that this is not the case). Помните про то, что только вы лично творите свою Вселенную и ваше изобилие является результатом вашей внутренней работы.

At the end of the topic

  • Деньги - это просто форма энергии, не больше и не меньше, поэтому они никак не могут быть ни «злом», ни «добром» и ни тем более «нашим всем».
  • Денежные блоки - это негативные установки, записанные в подсознании, которые нарушают поступление энергии в определённые области жизни. As a rule, all blocks come from childhood.
  • The most effective way to get rid of monetary blocks is to imagine a reality in which there is everything that you dream of and regularly think of it as a fait accompli.
  • Remember that only you are the Creator of your life and your future!

And finally, I recommend that you view an interesting video on the topic: